Laanisha Cole calls out ‘nasty’ comments about Nick Cannon’s extended family

Lanisha Cole I decided to call the critics.

Photographer who shares his 3-month-old daughter Onyx ice With Nick Cannonhit back at those who criticized her and Nick’s blended family.

“For the people who still feel the need to be obnoxious towards me and send me disrespectful messages.. I realize it’s easy to sit on your phone and peek into a person’s life and feel like you’re better than them,” she wrote in a message shared to Instagram on Dec. 21. Yes, I made mistakes. Yes, I experienced needless pain and heartbreak. But I chose to do better.”

Noting that there are many things that haven’t been shown and a lot that she’d like to share one day, LaNisha called for an end to comments about her presence in Nick’s family tree.

She added, “Call me Dear Mama #538 every time I say the sky is unnecessarily blue and she’s getting old.” “I wouldn’t change a single thing about my trip because now I’m in a beautiful place.”

Meet Nick Cannon’s family

The model also encouraged haters to “come to terms with everything that makes you so bitter towards someone you don’t know.”

“Get out of the toxic comment sections on social media,” she wrote. “This is not real life.”

e! The news has reached out to Nick’s representative for comment, but has not heard back.

Instagram; Jason Mendez/WireImage

While LaNisha has responded to the ruling online, she’s not the only one in Nick’s family circle who has spoken out against those who criticize her.

Brie you knewwho shares a 5-month-old son Legendary love With Nick, by her side after an Instagram user asked Bre if she feels bad for LaNisha, who “looks embarrassed.”

Bre Tessie and Nick Cannon


“We all get it,” Brie wrote back in an IG comment reposted to her Instagram Story on Dec. 22. “Some choose to get involved and admit others don’t. As for ’embarrassment’, she never said it, so words don’t have to be put in her mouth.”

Noting that comments can be hurtful even if they are untrue, Brie said their position is unique and very public.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be constantly attacked and what kind of evil things people say to us,” she wrote. “She’s hurting because she’s overwhelmed and I’m sure learning how to process this and moving through it while keeping her peace.”

But Bree’s words didn’t stop there. I’ve linked to this letter with more to say about what’s going on surrounding moms who share their kids with Nick.

“I respect all of the women involved,” Bree wrote in her story. “I love my baby, I love Nick and I will love and embrace every sibling and even mom involved.”

Nick is also the father of 11-year-old twins Moroccan And the Monroe with his ex-wife Mariah Carey; 5 year old son Golden “Sagun” 23-month-old daughter strong queen and his two-month-old son Ascension of Christ With Brittany Bellfor; Two twin boys, 18 months old Zion And the zillion And a one-month-old daughter beautiful balloon With Abby De La Rosa. In 2021, Nick W Alyssa ScottSon beautiful He passed away at the age of 5 months due to brain cancer. Nick and Alyssa are currently expecting their second child together – Nick’s twelfth child.

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