Pamela Anderson’s kids convinced her to make the next Netflix doc

Pamela, a love story Coming to Netflix January 31st (Image: Courtesy of Netflix)

Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her own story.

Details about her Netflix licensed documentary, Pamela, a love storyis detected by Vanity Fair. The project was announced in March on the heels of Hulu’s biopic series Pam and Tommy, comes out January 31, but she’s been working for years and features decades of her movies and personal magazines. The document will be published on the same day as her memoir Love, Pamela.

Among the things we learned about the film project, which is being directed by Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Ryan White (The case against 8), we be…

Her sons persuaded her to do so

Brandon and Dylan Lee Baywatch Alum, 55, who is involved with first husband Tommy Lee, encouraged her mom to “tell her story on her own terms” after seeing people tell it to her “in a way that didn’t feel real to her,” White said. Brandon, who serves as a producer for Pamela: A Love Story And, appearing on camera, he was crucial to getting Pam to open up. I told VF that her eldest son “could talk to me about anything with his honest heart and harshness that only a son can have. He wanted to tell my story authentically and without distortion.”

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 12: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) (LR) Dylan Jagger Lee, Pamela Anderson and Brandon Thomas Lee appear backstage during the opening night of her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the musical

Dylan Jagger Lee, left, and Brandon Thomas Lee support Pamela Anderson during the opening night of her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago On Broadway in April. (Photo: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images)

She delivered decades of home movies and magazines for the project

The play boy The supermodel gave full access to her personal videos and journals – documenting her headline-grabbing love life, career and family moments with her sons – without even reviewing them.

The infamous stolen tape, which we are always very careful to call a “stolen tape” and not a “sex tape,” was just one of hundreds of hours [she and Tommy] White, who said the film sees Pam — who sat for her interviews with him sans makeup — “being raw and honest, for better or for worse … From the very beginning, she was like, ‘You can ask me anything. ‘” I will talk about anything. I will only be honest with you about all of this. “

Pamela, a love story.  (Courtesy of Netflix)

Anderson shares private home videos of Pamela, a love story. (photo: courtesy of Netflix)

During filming, Pam saw some home movies for the first time on camera, including her wedding to Kid Rock (on a yacht in St. Tropez) and early days with Tommy. Of the shots in which Pam and Tommy fall in love, White said, “I think our movie is going to really humanize them…they’re often seen as larger than life…maybe even cartoon characters.” The footage of them meeting is actually “really beautiful”.

All of her ex-husbands are in the document

VIP The star was married to five men – Tommy (1995-1998), Rock (2006-2007), Rick Salomon (2007-2008) and (2014-2015), Jon Peters (2020-2020) and Dan Hayhurst (2020-2022) – And they all participate in the project. “All of her husbands are part of her story, so they’re in our filmography, including the most recent one,” White said.

1996 file photo of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Photo by Jeffrey Meyer/WireImage)

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in 1996 (Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

You’re talking about the stolen sex tape

This documentary has been in the works for several years now, and while it was being made, I learned of a Hulu series about it and Tommy’s stolen tape. White said she had a painful backlash occurring in this new doc, and she uses the film to discuss the impact of the stolen tape and its public release once and for all.

“Nobody knows the truth – I don’t even know 100% of what happened, but I think what’s most important is sharing my human feelings and the extent of the pain and how it undoubtedly defined me moving forward – in my career and in my career,” Pam said.

Pamela, a love story.  (Courtesy of Netflix)

Anderson V Pamela, a love story. (photo: courtesy of Netflix)

Pam has no intention of seeing the document

She revealed “The documentary I haven’t seen, nor have any intention of watching. I’ve given full access to my archives and diaries, and hopefully that makes sense to someone with full transparency.”

Pamela, a love story.  (Courtesy of Netflix)

Anderson V Pamela, a love story. (photo: courtesy of Netflix)

She’s still looking for love, but she practiced self-love while making this project

Over the course of the making of the film, Pam’s fifth marriage ended and this led to her confronting the history of her relationship with the project. Describing Pam as a “hopeless romantic” looking for “true love”, the casting director agreed, “I’m a romantic, and romance is tragedy. I believe in fairy tales.”

White said there are “many love stories” in the film, but “ultimately I think the end of the movie is about her putting more of that love into herself.”

Pamela, a love story.  (Courtesy of Netflix)

Anderson’s fifth marriage ended during the making of the film, leading her to confront her relationship history. (photo: courtesy of Netflix)

in the same day Pamela, a love story She was released, and her memoir, published by HarperCollins, will also be released.

“Writing my book was therapy,” Pam said.

In October, Pam said People magazine that the book is about everything she’s been through. “These are all my feelings,” she said, “about my life — no ‘woe be me’, though some times were hard, I made it through and I had to find love in grace and dignity mixed with humour, acceptance and forgiveness.”

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