After 33 years, there’s finally a capture card to record Game Boy gameplay

If you needed any more proof that the 33-year-old Nintendo Game Boy still has a loyal fan base, here’s to it. Sebastian Stakes He created a simple plug-and-play device that enables play from your handheld device They are streamed to a computer via USB and registered, without requiring any modifications to the console.

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered Staacks’ ingenuity for getting the Game Boy to do things that haven’t been done before. Earlier this year, they created a custom cartridge that allowed the handheld device Stream video wirelesslyAnd the that manifested through the show star Wars Playing on an ugly green and gray Game Boy screen. This was followed by a hack about the Nintendo classic on a game stream Able to play modern titles like Grand Theft Auto V.

She finally gave those hacks Stacks device idea Game Boy fans probably didn’t realize they needed it. Although it wasn’t a feature at launch, there are now several ways to capture Game Boy gameplay screenshots. The original console can be modified with a video output connection, or players can opt for modern alternatives, such as Analog pocket, which can be connected to a capture card via HDMI. The easiest solution is to play classic Game Boy titles through a software emulator running natively on a PC, but for competitive gamers or speed runners hoping to set official records, an original Game Boy is a must.

GB Interceptor: Game Boy capture cartridge

The GB Interceptor is reminiscent of the Game Shark and Game Genie devices of the past between the console and the game cartridge to facilitate cheats or other game modifications. You insert the GB Interceptor into the Game Boy’s cartridge slot, insert the game cartridge into the GB Interceptor, and then connect it to a computer using a USB-C cable. The computer treats the signal from the GB Interceptor as the signal from the webcam, allowing Game Boy gameplay to be recorded or even online. Yes, that means you can use a Camera boy game As your webcam for Zoom meetings, if you choose.

For those unfamiliar with the Game Boy’s inner workings, there is no video information passed between the game cart and the console in order to GB Interceptor for … Cross. Instead, what it essentially does is intercept game launch commands entered through the Game Boy controls, then Perfectly replicated by Staacks custom built Game Boy emulator. So what’s streamed over USB-C is a perfect, real-time replica of what the player sees on the original Game Boy screen.

in its current form, the GB interceptor He has some limitations. It only works with original Game Boy games, though a dedicated cartridge can be used on Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance hardware—only with OG games. It also cannot reproduce game audio, so it must be captured separately using the Game Boy’s headphone jack. If that’s not a deal breaker, Staacks has provided all the necessary code and source files to build your own github (more than Detailed build video shared on YouTube), but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any plans to manufacture and sell these en masse.

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