“I don’t see Johnny Depp being replaced” in Hollywood: Industry Source

Earlier this week, senior film producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, Bad Boys, Black Hawk Down) revealed that he’d like to cast the most visible and least likely actor to star in a possible sixth installment of his film. “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise: Johnny Depp.

“I would love to have him in the movie,” Bruckheimer told The Hollywood Reporter of the actor who played Captain Jack Sparrow in five “Pirates” movies. “He’s a friend, a great actor, and it’s unfortunate that personal life creeps into everything we do.”

But the insider of the film industry sees this as a long shot. “I think he will have a career but I don’t see his compensation,” the player said said the actor. “I think the celebrities in Hollywood are going to stay away from him.”

To recap, Depp’s personal life over the past few years has included accusations of domestic violence from ex-wife Amber Heard — he allegedly slapped and beat her, threw her across a room, ripped her nightgown and sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle — and the suggestion that he had sent a ‘let’s burn the amber’ text message to his co-star” The Tourist” and “Mortdecai”, Paul Bettany.

Both Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard’s lives have been in shambles since their court battles.
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(Depp has denied that he physically abused Heard.)

All this led to him missing out on roles in the “Fantastic Beasts” and “Pirates” franchises.

Despite the fact that Bruckheimer might welcome him to the “Pirates” cast, the movie industry player has his skepticism about the possibility of that happening: “Disney is the studio that hates the most scandals because of its brand and its theme parks.”

A film industry source told Depp, “I think the celebrities in Hollywood are going to stay away from him.”
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It didn’t help that when Depp and Heard walked out in court earlier this year – accusing each other of defamation – his allegedly shocking lifestyle was exposed. On the platform, the actor apparently had a hard time remembering the movie franchises that made him a star. Pictures showed that he passed out due to the poisoning, including one lying on the ground with his head tucked into a table next to him and the other with melted ice cream on his lap. He allegedly dropped a zip-top bag full of random pills to “see what happens”.

In her testimony, former lover Ellen Barkin called Depp “jealous”, “controlling” and “demanding” and claimed that he once threw a bottle of wine in her direction.

Bruckheimer said of Depp's scandals that affected his career:
“It’s unfortunate that personal life creeps into everything we do,” Bruckheimer said of Depp’s scandals affecting his career.
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Hollywood producer, consultant and consultant Katherine Arnold said on stage that reports of Depp’s poor work habits had made it difficult for Hollywood to support him financially. Arnold testified: “We talked about erratic behavior, tardiness, and drug and alcohol use.” “And the lawsuits have had a really big impact, not just this one but the previous lawsuits that Mr. Depp has been involved in because there is so much publicity around anything he does.”

Although the courtroom decided in his favor — with the jury ordering Heard to pay more than $10 million in damages — by then enough had been revealed and Depp allegedly distanced himself from Hollywood.

Depp angered some of Rihanna's fans when he appeared at the singer's Savage x Fenty fashion show in November.
Depp angered some of Rihanna’s fans when he appeared at the singer’s Savage x Fenty fashion show in November.
Getty Images for Rihanna Savage

“There are different levels of distancing,” the player told The Post. “[Depp] Not on the level of Kevin Spacey. I suspect it belongs in the Mel Gibson collection. International audiences will be happy to see it in the stuff and probably in a lot of people in the United States as well.

“But I can tell you something about these two men [Depp and Gibson]. If you raise them in the dominant studio realm [as candidates to anchor a film]it’s not Nobut the question: “Who else do you have?”

“[Depp] “It’s not at the level of Kevin Spacey,” said a film industry source of the actor’s avoidance.
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Taken even further, the player believes Depp will have a career moving forward – not necessarily in Hollywood.

“He will continue to shoot films funded in the international market, funded by foreign production companies,” the player said and expect. “The deals are going to come from third- or fourth-tier people. They show up with a lot of money and it all goes to the star. You see that at the end of Bruce Willis’ career. You see that in terms of John Travolta.”

Recently, a Depp insider revealed, “He hasn’t spent a lot of time in Hollywood. He’s been in Europe a lot – mostly from London.

A film industry source compared Depp's reputation in Hollywood to that of Mel Gibson.
A film industry source compared Depp’s reputation in Hollywood to that of Mel Gibson.
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“There was a lot of interest in Johnny and a warm reception for various ideas.”

In fact, the insider explained that a sense of normalcy is creeping back into Depp’s career.

The official end [of litigation with Heard] The insider said. Johnny just finished the French movie [‘Jeanne du Barry,’ in which Depp plays King Louis XV] And then there’s the Pacino project associated with it.”

Depp, who toured earlier this year with guitarist Jeff Beck, is co-producing the film with Al Pacino in the UK.
Depp, who toured earlier this year with guitarist Jeff Beck, is co-producing the film with Al Pacino in the UK.

The latter, which Pacino will co-produce and Depp will co-produce and direct, is in pre-production according to IMDB. The film titled “Modigliani” takes place in Paris in 1916 and tells the story of the artist Amadeo Modigliani. In a statement quoted in Variety, Depp described Mogliani as “living a very hard life but ultimately triumphing.”

Meanwhile, reports from French film set Jeanne du Barry have suggested that Depp looks as prickly as ever.

    On December 19, Heard agreed to pay Depp a $1 million settlement.
On December 19, Heard agreed to pay Depp a $1 million settlement.
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“Johnny Depp is an excellent actor when he comes on set,” said French commentator Bernard Monteild on the TPMP talk show. Except that sometimes the team is ready at 6 in the morning and no one comes. So, next, Maïwenn [the director, who goes by just one name] She gets angry and the next day she is the one who did not come and there is Johnny Depp. It’s crazy…they’re mad. It’s going very badly. They argue constantly.

This movie, according to IMDB, is currently in post-production.

Depp has also appeared in some surprising places offscreen: touring with guitarist Jeff Beck, selling his artwork as NFTs and making a cameo in November at Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty show (which sparked backlash from fans of the singer).

A source said Disney would never take Depp back for a game
And a source said Disney would never bring Depp back for the Pirates sequel.
© The Walt Disney Company / Courtesy Avery

As uncertain as Depp’s future career is, Heard faces her own challenges. Variety reports that rumors that it was cut from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom weren’t true, but at the moment they only have that movie and the Italian project “In the Fire” listed on IMDb – both films already wrapped.

“I felt Amber’s career was really on the decline [before the trial]said the player. “I don’t think she will do that Not I work again. But she’s not Jennifer Lawrence. And the trial did not help.

However, it probably needs work. On December 19, the actress agreed to pay Depp a $1 million settlement. As reported in The Post, the payment is said to come from Heard’s insurance company — but it’s just a small sliver of the more than $10 million she was ordered to pay her ex.

Heard's attorney said earlier this year that the actress is bankrupt.
Heard’s attorney said earlier this year that the actress is bankrupt.
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“Johnny gives money to charity,” the insider said, though the insider is currently unsure which charity will be on the receiving end. One of the key moments of the trial was Matthew [Heard] She vowed [her $7 million divorce settlement] to charity and never gave it away. Johnny will actually give [away] Money… The point is, it’s full of cash.”

Heard’s lawyer said in 2021 that the actress was still in the process of donating the money, but after the 2022 trial revealed that Heard was bankrupt.

One thing she might not do is write a rousing rant all about her time with Deb.

“There is a ruling in place,” a legal source in Deeb’s constituency told The Post. “And that makes it difficult for her to say anything derogatory.”

However, in a statement posted to Instagram after the settlement, Heard wrote, “There are no strings attached or gags regarding my vote going forward.”

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