Box office: Big disappointments in 2022

1 – Khalladi: The film released during Sankranthi season ended as a bittersweet film in Ravi Teja’s career. The film which came in the direction of Ramesh Varma was dropped amid huge expectations at the box office.

2 – Adavallu Meeku Joharlu: Balachendar made a movie with the same title a few decades back. This year Kishore Tirumala came up with the same title and he rocks Charwanand in the main lead alongside many actresses of yesteryear. The movie flopped like the TV series and ended up being a flop at the box office. Even aadavallu among the audience has not pumped oxygen for this movie.

3 – Rad Shyam: This is the biggest disaster of the year. A movie that came with high expectations fell badly. The movie had to contend with many trolls from day one. This can make no less than half of the total investment. It failed to gain traction both in theaters and on OTT.

4- Rich: This is another biggest debacle of the year that couldn’t even recoup the promotion costs, according to the note. The total cost of the film was around INR 30 but she couldn’t even collect 4Cr -5Cr rupees. Hero Varun Tej also apologized to the audience for the type of film that was given.

5. Acharya: This is a huge flop for this year. There were a lot of hopes pinned on his film with Megastar being the lead actor and Siva Koratala being the director. But the content of the film shocked the audience. Names like Padaghattam used in the movie have been trolled infamously. Acharya continues to be a nightmare for Chiranjeevi’s fans and Chiranjeevi himself hesitated to bring up the theme of the film after release.

6. Anti Sundaraniki: Initially, the film generated some interest, with Nani and Nasiriyah in the lead roles. The talented Vivek Atria was the director who promised continuous entertainment. The film failed at the box office by making good apples to some audiences. Finally it ended up failing and attempts to cover up OTTs didn’t work either.

7. Baka Trading: This is a pakka flop show by Maruthi. Even minimal expectations were not reached by the director and were made along the lines of the standard, subdued narrative. Gopichand and Rashi Khanna pair up in this movie but they are ultimately unsuccessful.

8. Vaibhavanga Series: This is another disaster this year. Uppena Vaishnav Tej hero created this movie but it didn’t go over well with the audience. The editorials weren’t impressive and the quality of the content was marred. The film ended up being a huge failure at the Boxoffice.

9. Leisure: The film was shown pan India and a lot of hangamas were made during its making and during promotional events. The movie has been in production for a long time due to the Covid lockdowns. But this caused an irresistible outrage in the audience. Puri Jagannath may have learned a big lesson from this movie that not every story can be described as Hindi. Vijay Devrakunda tasted the disaster of his career with this film apart from receiving criticism for its disturbing characterization of a stutterer.

10 – Machirla Nyugakavargam: Although the title sounded strong, it failed to generate any interest among the audience. Nithin taste flop with this movie. There is no oomph in the story of the making of the film, and it eventually received negative word of mouth from the minimal audience that saw the film.

11. Ramarao is in service: This is Ravi Teja’s second disaster this year. A trade report said that the film could not even draw Rs 4 crore from the set while it cost Rs 40 to make. It seems that Ravi Teja is only minting money in wages and nothing else. He feels he is almost risking his career by agreeing to work on the weakest story lines and trivial stories.

12. Thank you: This is another disaster of the year. It was directed by Vikram Kumar of Manam fame. Naga Chaitanya tasted the bitter flop with this. The film has no power to connect with the audience emotionally. It ended up being a flop by not making a fifth of the film’s total investment.

13. The Warrior: Linguswamy has done this movie with Ram as the main lead. He started his attempts to make a live Telugu movie almost 10 years ago and finally it happened. The movie couldn’t even make half of the total investment. Not many audiences even know when this movie was released.

14- The Ghost: Nagarjuna’s drama came with many expectations but ended up flopping. He has been on a cop movie spree as he came up with movies like Wild Dog and Officer earlier. Things are not working out but still Nag hasn’t lost interest in working on such films.

15 – Itlu Maridumili Praanikkam: The title sounded political, but there isn’t much in the movie. Allari Naresh came up with serious content again after ‘Naandi’. His talent was comedy but he seems to have kept that aside to see disasters like this.

16 – Gina: This was another movie that looked promising with the trailer. But the film was highly criticized although it is not worth facing such criticism. But shockingly, it didn’t do any good collection at the box office and ended up being a disaster.

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