21 Things Characters Do In Movies That Make Real People Say “Yeah, Right”

Do you ever get annoyed when people in movies do things you would never do in real life? Well, a while ago, I wrote a post about unrealistic things people do in movies. The BuzzFeed community came up in the comments with more examples of times they didn’t really capture the human spirit. Here are some of the best:


“When two characters walk away to talk in private 3 feet from the group and miraculously no one else can hear them even though they are talking so loud.”



“After sex, the bed sheets are in an L shape that covers the woman’s breasts but only reaches the man’s waist, fully showing off his perfect upper body.”

—CJ Escandell


“Girls who fall asleep with a full face of makeup and wake up without damaging effects on their pillow or smeared makeup.”



“Someone gets a call and is told to check ‘news,’ and turns to the exact news channel with no prompts besides ‘news.’ Unless it’s a massive global catastrophe, what are the odds that all the news networks are covering the same conspiracy-related story at the same time?” ?



“No one ever said goodbye when talking on the phone. They just hung up!! That’s rude!!!”



“Twenty bad guys with machine guns can’t beat a hero who takes them one by one with his gun.”



“Oh my God, seriously…when people roll over and fall asleep after sex. Or cuddling?! Like, this shit gets cold fast! Hahaha. I don’t want to be the little spoon and put it on my back.”

– Bathremia


“When they plan to meet up on a date with someone they just met but no phone numbers have been exchanged and no place or time has been decided.”

– Tzipporah


“Oh, my God, when a character (especially a male) gives up a career that their parents (especially, fathers) told them to do. And then they proceed to say, ‘I’m not giving up on my (dad) dream’ — I’m giving up on you.”



“Just all the generic food and drinks that are ordered in movies.” I’ll get a coffee/beer/a piece of pie. Naturally, it is served in a matter of seconds.



“I hate when someone is only getting older but their significant other has no problem kissing them. And yes, sometimes they puke not because they’re sick, but they puke. Brush your teeth first!”

– Sherilov 4


“Women don’t seem to have periods in apocalyptic scenarios. Like, they don’t have to worry about finding tampons and stuff.”

– Nameless


“The walking killer always catches up to the victim’s run. (I can’t even catch up with my 5-year-old daughter).”



“When a hero has to fight off a horde of his minions, they always attack one by one as if they are waiting their turn to get their ass kicked.”



“They never brush their teeth properly! I’ve never seen a realistic toothbrushing scene where foam fills their mouths. They never rinse their mouths – just a quick spit and it’s done! Teeth so meticulously in real life.”



“People never make mistakes while speaking. They never forget a word or make random sounds instead of the actual words.”

—Ma 41d9ffb62


“Find a parking spot right away in a city like Chicago or New York.”

– To smoke


“Everyone just opens the door instead of asking who’s who first.”



“When they’re drinking in a bar and the bartender is completely cold with the wine bottle left there for the customer to pour their shots and drink the whole bottle.”



“They never need to use the toilet. Nobody ever likes, ‘Wait—I need to pee before we leave.'” “



Finally, “People in movies always chew their pills and then swallow them. They never look at the label to see how much they should take and they never have water with them.”

Hilary Page

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