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he is back! List of all-stars of epic proportions! 15 matches in total, 11 men’s and four women’s matches taking place today in Austin, Texas. Check back here early and often for real-time updates!

2022 NWCA All-Star Classic

The kick-off whistle is scheduled for 8:00 PM Eastern! Below is the match standings:

125: Pat McKee (Minnesota) – Kessen Tyrokina (Iowa State).

133: Lucas Bird (Illinois) – Michael McGee (Arizona State).

157: Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs. Will Lewan (Michigan)

197: Jacob Warner (Iowa) – Rocky Elam (Missouri).

285: Anthony Cassiopi (Iowa) vs. Greg Kirkfleet (Penn State).

191: Kaylani Corbett (Missouri Valley) vs. Sidney Kemper (McKendry).

170: Jelena McQuaid (NC) vs. Jesse Lee (Hyatt)

184: Aaron Brooks (Penn State) – Parker Kikizen (Northern Iowa).

141: Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) – Andrew Allerez (North Colorado).

143: Adaugo Nwachukwu (Iowa Wesleyan) vs. Alara Boyd (McKendree).

109: Peyton Brossin (Live) – Emily Shilson (Augsburg).

165: David Carr (Iowa State) – Quincy Monday (Princeton).

165: Dean Hamite Jr. (Wisconsin) vs. Keegan O’Toole (Missouri).

149: Sami Sasso (Ohio State) – Austin Gomez (Wisconsin).

174: Carter Starucci (Penn State) vs. Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech).

It’s almost time! The blogging perch is locked. The great Mark Bader flanked me on my left and Major Shane Sparks on my right!

125: #3 Pat McKee (Minnesota) vs. #12 Casey Tyrokina (Iowa State)

First Half: These players are used to being the first game in any event. Terukina repping Iowa State via Hawaii, McKee is a Minnesota native. Good job but no results after a minute. Terkuina shoots for a hit single but a hard-hitting cover of McKee Defends. Still no scores. 1 minute left in the period. Another shot from Terukina, he’s deep but McKee’s header violates and scores the takedown. An impressive pat counter. Solid ride by McKee, Terukina stays very close to the mat in the final minute and McKee leads 2-0 and 55 seconds of riding time into the break

Second half: Maki picks the bottom. Stands up and exits after about 15 seconds. Two photos of Terukina, re-by McKee. Pick the knee straight back. Maki pounces on his head. It might be Terukina though that they were going out of bounds but Maki is dragging his toe. Reset it, there are barely any restrictions left, and here comes the downfall! Pat McKee wins his first All-Star Classic match since 2018 via pinfall!

133: #5 Lucas Bird (Illinois) vs. #4 Michael McGee (Arizona State)

First period: McGee comes out wearing the Sunkist Kids freestyle jersey. Bird wears the traditional Illinois Block I jersey and it’s all allowed, because these games are exhibitions. This is also why they wear red and blue ankle bands instead of red and green. There are no results halfway through the first period. Byrd made the first penetrating attack about a minute earlier. Turning into two, McGee tried to roll over, but Bird sniffed the move. McGee escapes 28 seconds later at RT. 2-1 Byrd leads at halftime.

Second period: Bird chose. Builds into a quadruple cabin. And Bird was out with RT holding three seconds in his favour. 3-1 lead to Illinois. Another good shot from Bird, he’s got a leg up, McGee goes over the top, grabs some corners, no crotch lock. There is a struggle. McGee is close. There are no points! Time expired, and Mark Perry, in the corner for McGee, threw the challenge stone. Comprehensive review, and the call is confirmed. No removal, still 3-1 Pride.

Third inning: McGee is on the bottom and standing in front of Granby and McGee in about 10 seconds. 3-2 now, RT is not a factor. Last minute regulation, still on our feet. No stall calls for any of the wrestlers. McGee attacks fiercely. Bird doesn’t let him get any closer, and Bird takes it 3-2!

157: #4 Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs. Will Lewan (Michigan) #2

First period: andonian is to watch dates and liwan as difficult as they are. It should be fun, though, so they should all be. No results after a minute. Andonian curls up and unleashes a deep double, but Levan pulls him off with over hooks and stops the attack. There are no results because we’re getting short on time. and perfectly timed by Lewan clocking in with just 6 seconds left in the period. 2-0 heading into halftime.

Second period: Lifan started down, and was out within 6 seconds, so the RT clock read triple zero, and Lifan led 3-0. Another double by Lewan but Andonian stops it. Price knocks on the bottom lock. Lewan is fighting to get out of it. A good wave in a short time but without scores. Another wave as the clock closes to zero, Liyuan is still 3-0.

Third round: Andonian with a turn to the bottom. He’s out fast, 3-1. RT is not a factor. Levan is not afraid to go to the upper body. Some good giveaways but it’s still 3-1 with one minute to go in regulation. Andonian is walking fast but Levan won’t let him lock anything in tight. Time runs out and Will Levan wins 3-1!

197: #2 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs. #4 Rocky Elam (Missouri)

First Period: The first of two consecutive spells featuring the Hawkeyes. Warner was an NCAA runner-up last season and a three-time All-American. Elam is All-American twice. This is their first group meeting. Warner goes out to “Fat Bottom Girls,” and Elam appropriately goes out to “Rocky.” Elam has one early song and he scores quickly. Warner got out quickly, Elam leading 2-1. Ties and hand-to-hand combat, there aren’t a lot of level changes over the next 90 seconds. The period ended with no more points, still 2-1 Missouri.

Second half: Elam at the bottom. False start and beware of Rocky. A clean start, Warner lifts and comes back. It takes a few tries but Elam is out after about 30 seconds. Elam in a snapshot. With 44 seconds on the clock, Elam tied 3-1. We explode for blood, looks like it’s coming from Elam. We are back in business. No results to close the period, still 3-1 Elam, RT is not a factor.

Round Three: Warner starts at the bottom. Sits and comes out in 4 seconds. A big exchange, an attack by Elam, a replay by Warner, and both of them almost score. Another attack by Elam, he’s got a leg, he’s chewing on the watch, takedown on the edge. 5-2 Elam now and have a 3-point lead with 52 seconds to go on the restart. Warner stopped the whistle and cut him off immediately. Shot by Elam, he leads 6-4 and wants to use this watch. Warner and Iowan Counters connect it! 6-6, Warner on the leg, he’s hit with the stall call but it’s worth it because the period is up and we’re going to work overtime!

Surprise victory: Warner presses inward. Elam falls under it and turns for the win! 8-6, and a winning statement for the Missouri Tigers. He will likely move to No. 2 in the nation after this victory.

285: #4 Anthony Cassiopi (Iowa) vs. #2 Greg Kirkfleet (Penn State)

The First Period: Another great period, figuratively and literally. The fight begins as heavyweight bouts often happen, lots of hand-to-hand combat. 90 seconds with no results. Right at the double low by Kerkvliet and Cassioppi comes down to the mat. Clean conversion for Kerkvliet. Kirk throws his leg into the left side. Ride for 40 seconds, 35 left in the period. Cass throws his leg out, stands up, and walks out with 15 seconds left in the period. Kirk leads 2-1 by exactly one minute from RT.

Second period: Kirkfleet picks the bottom. Cass rides hard but Kirk stands up and peels his hands to escape while still maintaining 33 seconds of riding time. Cassioppi shoots Kerkvliet out of bounds and Kerkvliet has a call on hold. Kirk responded with another low double and this is another takedown to make it 5-1. Kirkfleet throws in another leg, Kassiopi lunging under it. And just a few seconds later, he got a reflection. That was a big deal for Kassiopi. The ride time is still over a minute but the leads are only two as 5-3 goes into the third.

Third period: Cassioopi chooses to go all the way down again. Kassiopi works for the escape, finally getting it a minute later. The riding time point closed, 5-4 Penn State with less than a minute left. Call it Cass, and it has a leg. it’s close! But Kerk’s defense is so strong, he’s holding back as Cassioppi looks like he put everything he’s got into trying to get that takedown. He runs away for an extra point but that’s all he can muster. With a point RT an 8-5 victory for Kirkfleet. Great heavyweight match!

191: Kaylani Corbett (Missouri Valley) vs. Sidney Kemper (McKendry).

First period: We wrestle the freestyle for the women’s competition. Quick removal of Kimber as she leads 2-0. Kemper in another shot, good defense from Corbett but Kemper wouldn’t deny. Leading 4-0 to McKendry, Illinois’ strong DII women’s program. Corbett represents NAIA and is ranked #1 in the Coaches’ Poll. It was still 4-0 at the halfway point.

Second period: Corbett looking for her offense, Kemper making her stay on her defence. More shots from Kimber, but the final attack stalled. Another deadlock, 2 minutes left in the game. Kimber continues to attack. Not registered but it eats up a lot of time. 1 minute to go. Another shot from Kimber, and she converted that won and ended the match on top. Sidney Kemper with a 6-0 win!

170: Jelena McQuaid (NC) vs. Jesse Lee (Hyatt)

First period: Makoyed wrestling outside of NCC, DIII wrestling powerhouse located outside of Chicago. Lee Ripping Live U, NAIA School near Atlanta. One leg straight from the whistle, turns the spear and there are two fast ones. Half force by Makoyed but mine doesn’t turn around. Makoyed gets time to work and now she gets a chance. Finally, Lee is out of the bellies and we’re back on the run. 4-0 after 90 seconds. Another single and termination for Makoyed. Two more turns on the gut wrench and that’s it! 10-0 Tech fall, masterful performance from Jelena McQuaid!

184: #1 Aaron Brooks (Penn State) vs. #2 Parker Kikizen (Northern Iowa)

First half: No. 1 vs. No. 2. It’s hard to do better than that! And fur flies straight from the whistle. Good wave, no results. On the next attack, Brooks converted a double leg cleanly. Keckeisen quickly runs away. 2-1. Brooks with picks and picks causing a Kikizen reaction. Brooks doesn’t release the gas, and fights through the Keckeisen defenses and there is another takedown. 4-1 after two minutes.

second period:

Third period:

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