Why doesn’t Elon Musk tell us if he’s filed a police report?

Even by the standards of his brief and tumultuous tenure as owner of Twitter, which often seemed to pump him out new mess every hour, Elon Musk has been busy lately.

Last week, he suspended the @elonjet account — an account run by 20-year-old Jack Sweeney that tracks publicly available information about the location of Musk’s private jet. After previously promised to Not By suspending this account, Musk claimed that Sweeney had “fabricated” his real-time location, putting his life and family in danger.

As evidence, Musk He tweeted an 11-second video clip A man wearing masks got behind the wheel of a car, then showed the car’s license plate in California. Musk claims The man followed a car carrying his infant son, then “blocked the car from moving and climbed onto the hood of the car.” [sic] The video appears to have been taken by one of Musk’s security personnel. Musk was not in the car, and although he claimed it was his child, as of now, there is no publicly available video evidence confirming this.

But, Musk added, without providing evidence of damage or legal actionAnd the “Legal action is being taken against Sweeney and the organizations that supported my family’s harm.”

On Thursday, Musk summarily suspended the accounts of several journalists who reported on @elonjet’s suspension, claiming that they also “pinned” him by sharing his real-time location. (No evidence was provided that they did.) After putting out one of his own Voice of the People Surveys The poll results asked if the arrested journalists should be immediately reinstated to their jobs, and she said, “Yes, they should.” And so he brought them back.

On Friday, I took down the Twitter account of Business Insider reporter Linette Lopez, a former colleague of mine who for years has provided comprehensive and critical reporting on Musk and Tesla. Although Lopez has not shared an @elonjet account, her comment seems to be permanent, and as of now, no reason has been given.

On Saturday, stop Washington Post Tech journalist (and former Daily Beast reporter) Taylor Lorenz. next morning, Tell Eric Weinstein (the intellectual dark web tool and employee of fellow PayPal billionaire Mask’s Peter Thiel) that Lorenz has been suspended for “getting into the past.” Lorenz’s account was restored within a day, without further explanation.

Fans take pictures with Elon Musk during the final match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 between Argentina and France at Lusail Stadium on December 18, 2022 in Lusail City, Qatar.

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Two hours later, Musk tweeted a video from his seat at the World Cup final in Qatar.

Busy guy, this is Elon.

He seems too busy to indicate whether or not he (or someone on his behalf) filed a police report about an alleged life-threatening stalker Musk claims has been following “assassination coordinates” that Sweeney provided via @elonjet.

In a statement Thursday, the Los Angeles Police Department said the department’s Threat Management Unit was “aware of the situation and a tweet from Elon Musk and is in contact with his representatives and security team,” but also noted that “no crime reports have been filed yet.” The LAPD’s media relations department on Monday reiterated to The Daily Beast that no report had been filed with them. A spokesperson later told The Daily Beast that the department was involved primarily because it has jurisdiction over LAX, but that the LAPD was now “disengaging from the investigation,” because no report had been filed.

South Pasadena PD told The Daily Beast that a crime report was filed, but did not say by whom.

Musk did not Respond promptly to inquiries asking whether he or his representative has filed a crime report. We will update if we receive any further responses.

Washington Post Sunday night reported that a man mentioned his name Brandon Collado, who thought he was receiving coded messages from Musk’s former partner, the music artist known as Grimes, identified himself as the person in the video.

for his partAnd the Collado also said he believed Musk was stalking for him.

This development alone shows that Musk’s security team may have had good reason to consider Collado dangerous. Stalking is a real threat to well-known figures and their families, especially when it’s controversial – like Musk.

There’s reportedly security camera footage from the gas station where the incident occurred between Collado and Musk’s security team, which means (most likely) that we’ll at least have more specific information on what really happened, at some point. According to Collado’s account the post“Officers from the South Pasadena Police Department arrived at the gas station, questioned Collado and told him they were going to file a report.”

But in the meantime, Musk is furious about an incident that he used to justify unprecedented action in suspending the accounts of several journalists.

Musk appears to have quickly rewritten the rules to justify suspending less sympathetic journalists over the publication — and in the case of Lynette Lopez, he offered no justification at all.

He’s turned questions asking for specific details into a broader, much muddled conversation about what constitutes “doxxing,” what should count as “public information,” and whether Musk meant anything he’s said previously about wanting “transparency” and “free speech.” to Twitter.

Musk has allowed several sympathetic journalists to post (on Twitter) a series of “Twitter profiles” — which show that Twitter’s former system selectively imposed penalties for violations of its terms of service and, on occasion, just made the rules as they went. The goal, Musk maintains, is to provide transparency and the unvarnished truth about the actions of people who were powerful enough to shape discourse and threaten “civilization.”

Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty

But Musk appears to have quickly rewritten the rules to justify commenting from less sympathetic journalists — and, in Lopez’s case, no justification at all. Further confusing the issue among Musk’s commentary wave is whether the Twitter account shares publicly available information (and yes, even with Musk’s ICAO Aircraft Address — aka PIA — it’s still public information) about his location. A private jet pose is “taking the time”. Specifically, the question remains whether this information enabled anyone to track Musk (or his family) as he left the airport, and then follow the vehicle that took them—as Musk claimed.

the post He notes that the Los Angeles incident that Musk complained about It took place at a “gas station 26 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and 23 hours after the @ElonJet account last located the plane,” adding, “Police haven’t said anything about the incident but say they haven’t yet found a link between the encounter and the aircraft-tracking account.” .

It’s entirely possible that Musk really believed Collado to be a mortal threat, and that @elonjet was a tool in his arsenal. He may also be sincere in his belief that the account brought him down, and that the correspondents who supply any oxygen to the account are guilty of the same offence. And there may be very good reason for his silence so far on whether he took the first and essential legal step – filing a police report – to hold Collado accountable for what he alleges is a very serious crime.

But, given the chaos and confusion of this incident and its subsequent repercussions, Musk should take this as an opportunity to hold himself to the same standards he has demanded of others.

He must be upfront about his legal process dealing with the alleged stalking incident. He must be transparent about the policies he is putting in place (and getting rid of them quickly) that violate the freedom of expression of people he considers his opponents. To do thatAnd the Musk can demonstrate that he holds himself to the same standards he criticizes others for failing to live up to.

Put your reputation where your mouth is, Elon. Tell us if you have written your allegations in a police report. And tell us what the rules for your “free twitter” are, because at this point — you don’t even seem to know.

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