Become a millionaire by age 30 – these 7 tips will make you rich in 2023

New year, new money habits.

Hana Chan claims she became a millionaire before the age of 30 – and now she’s pondering how she got there.

TikTok user @realhannahchan — who has 180,200 followers and 3.3 million likes — has revealed her 7 daily rules that made her rich.

She posted a video titled “Seven Rules for Life that Will Make You a Millionaire in Your Twenties” – it got 735,000 views and 130,200 likes.

Chan shared that she quit her job at the age of 23 and made her first million after two to three years thanks to these life hacks that she learned from her teachers.

The first lesson is all about language.

“The language you use to talk about yourself is either a vitamin — or a poison,” she said.


MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen, it will make you a millionaire. Starting a business or achieving financial success is all about your mindset, not just strategyHannah ChanHannah Chan

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She explains that anyone’s subconscious mind can’t differentiate between the real and the imagined when you’re talking negatively about yourself, so “never say anything about yourself that isn’t empowering.”

Then, Chan added, it’s important to change the “money mentality.”

“You have to really believe that you deserve to make more money before that becomes your reality,” she said.

TikTokreal user @hannahchan revealed her 7 daily rules that made her rich.

Another rule that the millionaire lives by: weaponize your environment.

“Make small changes in your living space that help you normalize the next level of success.”

She demonstrates this in a follow-up video, explaining: “You can only grow as much as your environment allows you, like a shark that can’t outgrow the tank it’s in.”


Reply to @user2416782419691 One of the most important things my mentor taught me was the importance of the environment in your journey to the higher level. This will help you in business or money. money mentality | Business | Entrepreneurship | Millionaire Mindset | life hack | get rich

♬ original sound – Hannah Chan

Weaponizing your environment, Chan said, is all about making small changes in your everyday environment.

Examples you gave included shopping for nice groceries once in a while, having a clean and clutter-free living space, making bigger life changes outside of your comfort zone, getting nice soaps and getting one or two trinkets that you think represent wealth.

However, she made it clear that this is no excuse for overspending and it will all come down to individual budgets.

Chan went on to explain the “be > do > have” rule to her.

“In order to get close to a million dollars, you first have to become the million-dollar type,” she explained. Just ask yourself: ‘How does the million dollar version of me think and act? “

Another rule of thumb, she said, is to ask yourself if something is a cost or investment when making a major purchase.

For example, a $2,000 handbag is a cost while spending $2,000 to enhance your skills is an investment.

Chan said anyone who charges customers should charge based on the score, not by the hour.

“Even if your hourly wages are really high, we still only have 24 hours in a day, which means our income will always be set,” she explained.

She shared that every successful person she knows has lost friends.

Her ultimate rule is “Normalize Friends Losers”.

“As you level up, it’s a lot easier for the people around you to try to hold you back than to be inspired to work harder themselves,” she said.

You’ve shared that every successful person you know has lost friends – but that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing because new friends will come along just as well.

The people in the comments section were grateful for the life tips.

“No. 7 is exactly what I needed to hear,” stated one satisfied TikTok viewer.

Another shouted, “SIS DROPPING GOLD.”

“Thanks for the inspiration,” one user wrote, while another said, “I needed this.”

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