It is not moo to extend after the initial closure announcement

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not la mo To extend the next initial closing announcement

Playwright and star Jordan E. Cooper saved the play.

Crystal Lucas Perry V not la mo
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not la mo I’m not going anywhere now!

In a surprise announcement on the Dec. 15 show, playwright Jordan E. Cooper announced it not la mowhich previously announced a surprise closing date of December 18, will instead run through December 23.

This extension comes on the heels of the #saveAINTNOMO campaign, which Cooper started to save the show in its final week of shows.

The campaign featured several celebrity buyouts, including Will, Jada Pinkett Smith, Shonda Rhimes, Sara Ramirez, Tyler Perry, Gabrielle Union, and Dwyane Wade. Producers Lena Waithe and RuPaul have also hosted special screenings of the play.

When the gallery’s early closing date was announced, Cooper posted in part on Instagram: “not la mo He needs your help. It’s a new original play that’s Black AF, and it’s stuff that makes it a hard sell on Broadway. They have now posted an eviction notice…but thank God black people are immune from an eviction notice.” The post encouraged people to buy tickets for the show, saying, “We’ve worked hard to make it available at an average ticket price of $50.”

It appears that the reason behind the sudden closure of the show was low ticket sales due to positive critic reviews. Stevie Walker Webb directs the production. It stars Cooper, Crystal Lucas Perry, Vidna Jacquet, Marchant Davis, Ebony Marshall Oliver, Shannon Matesky, Nick Alexander, Jasmine Johnson, Michael Richawn, Caedrin Spencer, Brienne Tello and Emma Van Larry.

not la mo is a play that posits, within a series of comic sketches: “What happens if the American government offers African Americans a round-trip ticket to Africa?”

The creative team includes lighting designer Adam Honoré, scenic designer Scott Pask, costume designer Emilio Sosa, joint sound designers Jonathan Deans and Taylor Williams, and wig designer Mia M. Neal.

See production photos below.


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