The anthropomorphic Christmas tree is amazing but deadly, watch it in action

A man named Sean Hodgins has created a seriously spinning 3D Christmas tree.

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The centerpiece of Christmases everywhere has always been a fully decorated, brightly lit tree, and over the years, people have reimagined the festive holiday plant in many ways. Dazzling greenery full of lights, who would think that a festive staple could be home to unknown dangers that can cause real harm? In order to beware of the wind, fantasy creator Sean Hodgins has created a holographic LED Christmas tree, which you can see in the Twitter post below, that spins at the speed of racing cars, making for a real thrill and fright.

It’s all for effect when it comes to Sean Hodgins’ anthropomorphic Christmas tree that brings fun and nostalgic, if dangerous, (literally) to the holiday classic. As the invention speeds up, the lights rotate in such a way that the tree appears to be nothing more than a hologram. While it’s an incredibly cool design, and unlike anything we’ve seen before, Hodgins really went out on a limb (and risked everything he had) putting it together.

Good trial and error mixed with massive amounts of patience is what led Sean Hodgins to uproot the anthropomorphic Christmas tree. The end product is serious enough, but with a build process that included failed bearings, a poorly built support frame, and an engine that couldn’t keep up with tests, Sean Hodgins finally landed on a half-horsepower AC electric motor to keep the Christmas spirit spinning and spinning… and spinning. Finally, a triangular metal frame was put in place, which gave the decoration not only just the right pace but also the tan look that the fir is known for.

Holographic Christmas tree

Sean Hodgins shared in a Twitter post a clip of his final project, writing that he dreamed up and made “a giant, dangerous anthropomorphic Christmas tree that you don’t have to.” Below, the proud father of wild invention stands perilously close to the LEDs as they begin to spin. Complete with a Santa Claus hat, Hodgins stays at his creation for just a moment before wandering to the other side where a sheet of bulletproof glass stands between the man and the LED monster.

While you might be decking the halls like Clark Griswold, this anthropomorphic Christmas tree could be the way of the future, if it weren’t so dangerous! Images that appear to cover the tree are generated by a hall effect sensor fixed via magnets attached to the top. After uploading the still images into the Pictures folder, Hodgins lets them rip with playful, nostalgic jigsaws as they dance, light up, and blanket the five-foot-tall creation.

Sure, it’s incredibly unsafe, but would it really be Christmas without an overwhelming sense of danger and doom? Although Sean Hodgins’ anthropomorphic Christmas tree may not appear on the shelves of Wal-Mart or any other major retailer over the next year, it sure is fun to watch. Gather your loved ones around a very safe Christmas tree and spread holiday cheer by watching the clip above.

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