Ellen DeGeneres cries in video 10 days after the witch’s death: ‘We’ll never understand’

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The collective anguish over Stephen “tWitch”‘s untimely death is still going strong, but fellow former dancer Ellen DeGeneres is encouraging fans to switch to laughter and joy.

On Friday, the late comedian and host honored her former talk show host, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Boss died by suicide at the age of 40 on December 13th.

“These past 11 days have been really hard for everyone,” she captioned the selfie video, which was overwhelmed by the comedian’s tears. “Everyone’s hurting and trying to understand it. We’ll never understand it. And the holidays are hard, I guess, anyway. But to honor Twitch, I think the best thing we can do is laugh, cuddle, play games, dance, and sing.”

DeGeneres continued to urge fans to “do the things I love to do, which is dance. He loved music.”

“I know it sounds hard — it seems impossible. But that’s how we honor him and hug each other and tell each other we love each other and tell people we’re there for them and validate people.” “Happy Holidays everyone. I know it’s not a happy holiday, but he was pure lighthearted. As everyone said in the comments, if you know him, you know that. If you didn’t know him, you saw him. Let’s honor him. And think of him for each other.”

The comedian captioned the video with a single heart emoji.

Comedian Loni Love responded in the post’s comments section: “I helped turn his life around and spread the message of joy through dancing.” “He loved you and the show…he loved all of us, and that helps me…to know he loved us. I will miss him, but we will continue to dance for his family and his memory.”

“Checking in on you, Elaine,” another user wrote. Sending love and thanks to you for all the years of laughter and fun.

In response to the video, one commenter noted, “There are some people that you feel connected to whether you know them personally or not… He was one of those people.”

In the wake of Boss’ death, the comedian and former TV presenter took to her Instagram and Twitter pages to pay homage to the dancer who often appeared on her show as a guest host.

In addition to a video of her selfie on Friday, she shared a video of the boss doing multiple spontaneous dance moves and commented on the post, writing, “It was magic.”

On Thursday, she shared a video of the Boss during a segment in which he hosted and interviewed a viral baby dancer by the name of ZaZa.

“I am heartbroken,” DeGeneres captioned an Instagram post made on Dec. 14, shortly after his death, his wife, Allison Holker, confirming his death. “The Witch was pure love and light. He was my family and I loved him with all my heart. I will miss him. Please send your love and support to Alison and his beautiful children – Wesley, Maddox and Zaya.”

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