Great news alert: The Clifford Reunion is happening in Los Angeles

Martin Short V Clifford.
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What if we told you that in a few weeks, you could go to a screening of the 1994 cult comedy classic Clifford in Los Angeles, then watch Martin Short, Richard Kind, director Paul Flaherty, and other special guests talk about it afterwards with famous Clifford Super fan Tom Scharpling serving as moderator? That would be cool, right? You’d probably freak out like a 10-year-old boy, right?

Well guess what? Honored in 2021 by giving the film the lengthy, deep, Nic Cage – The Veil – that richly deserved oral history, Vulture is now taking double honors at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 17, thanks to an oral history Writer Rob Trbowski and the non-profit Hollywood Entertainment Foundation to present the films. Here are all the details for the event, titled “A Short Night With Clifford::

On December 17, join us for the first-ever major retrospective of CliffordGenesis and legacy. In person, star Martin Short, co-star Richard Kind, director Paul Flaherty, and to-be-announced special guests will examine the film’s painstaking battle in the comedy pantheon through cable shows, word of mouth, and a legion of famous evangelists from Elizabeth Taylor to Nicolas Cage. . Some of those fans (including Tom Scharpling) will be showing up in person to discuss the film’s impact and trance.

in 1994, Clifford, the wild and groovy comedy about a very nasty 10-year-old played by 40-year-old Martin Short, was launched into critical and commercial indifference. It has become one of the definitive cult comedies of its era. For example note Clifford Beloved David Letterman, “It’s no ordinary movie… I don’t know what they thought when they were making it. It’s a wacky piece now.”

Thanks to Rob Torbowski and our media sponsor, Eagle.

Hollywood Entertainment was created to entertain and educate moviegoers by screening and preserving eclectic films, non-commercial films, rare and socially beneficial films, and film-related artifacts.

In April 2020 we started almost daily streams (then called Moviepassed) to entertain each other and our friends while raising money for causes trapped in the arts and our communities. Our semi-daily programming started as a quarantine project and has since amassed nearly 6,000 followers. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to raise money for charities, mutual aid, arts organizations, and more through movie-themed raffles and fundraisers.

Our evolution into Hollywood Entertainment and our 501(c)(3) status reflects our ambitions to showcase adventurous programming and create fun, exciting, and thought-provoking events that push the boundaries of cinema in Los Angeles and around the world.

Tickets for the event are on sale now, so stock them up until the latest. Meanwhile, you can make time pass faster by revisiting our oral history, which best sums up film by David Letterman: “You think you’re going to see an ordinary movie, because it looks like an ordinary movie—the color is regular, bright, crisp. It makes people The ones you know and understand are talented and funny and should be in the movies Clifford Started. No word yet if Steffen will be appearing at the event, but you never know.

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