How GMA Hosted Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Romance Scandal

It may be the happiest problem that Bob Iger, the new president of Disney’s parent company ABC, will face as he takes back the reins of the conglomerate and its top-rated cash cow “Good Morning America.”

Two of GMA’s most dependable — and, until recently, very married to other people — star anchors, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, are drawing more attention to the #1 morning show as a result of their surprising secret romance. .

Insiders say the affair, which was revealed last week in a series of photos showing the couple hanging out at a bar in the central Lincoln area and in a comfortable rented cabin upstate, translates into what one source called “golden ratings” for the show.

The word is that Robach and Holmes, both 49, who began co-hosting “GMA 3” together in 2020, won’t be disciplined to continue working behind the scenes — at least not yet.

The drama could get messier though. Multiple sources told Page Six Friday that Holmes — who has been married to Marilee Febig since 2010 — had an alleged three-year relationship with married producer on “GMA,” Natasha Singh beginning in 2016.

There is industry speculation that the scandal may foster
There is industry speculation that the scandal could boost GMA3’s ratings.
ABC via Getty Images

Holmes and the producer took on their mutual friend Robach as they tried to figure out how to leave their spouses.

According to an insider, “Amy was the person they went to talk about their relationship and marriage.”

As rumors swirled about Holmes and Robach, another source said, “Marily didn’t think of Amy because she was fixated on Natasha. She never [Holmes cheating] With Amy because they were friends. Amy’s daughter was their daughter’s babysitter.”

Insiders say Holmes began an affair in 2016 with a married producer.
Getty Images
Amy Robach's photo.
Robach was reportedly a close associate of the producer with whom Holmes was having an affair.
Getty Images

Holmes reportedly ended the relationship and began working with Fiebig to reconcile their marriage throughout the pandemic. Robach remained friends with Singh and this infuriated Veebig as she “was seeing pictures of them on Instagram and didn’t understand how their friend and her husband’s co-host could still be friends with the woman who tried to break up their marriage”. said the first source.

It seems all of this is in the past for Holmes and Robach. The two came to work unapologetically last week after word broke. They omitted any mention of the scandal during the Thursday and Friday shows — privately declaring that the affair began after the two dumped their wives.

“They are not shy. They are two consenting adults who ended up loving each other,” an ABC source told Page Six.

A photo of TJ Holmes and his then-wife, Marilee.
Holmes has been married to Marilee Febig since 2010, but they were reported to have separated in August 2022.
Getty Images by Jackie Robinson

In fact, the two laughed together on the designated Thursday before baking holiday cookies with Chef Caroline Schiff, with Robach gleefully announcing, “It’s Friday night!” Robach looked relaxed when she was pictured walking back to her Manhattan apartment, solo, after a show on Friday.

However, insiders say there was collateral damage in the form the couple left behind. Robach married former “Melrose Place” star Andrew Shaw in 2010, the same year TJ Holmes tied the knot with immigration attorney Fiebig.

A “GMA” staffer told Page Six that Holmes and Febig had been separated for six months but were trying to “work things out” when news of his romance with Robach broke Wednesday.

Photo of Amy Robach and her husband, Andrew Shaw.
Robach has been married since 2010 to “Melrose Place” actor Andrew Shaw.
Levi’s Getty Images

“She’s devastated. She has no idea,” the source said [a while]but they were trying to solve it.

“They were only together for TJ’s birthday,” which was August 19th.

The source notes that while Fiebig wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, the now-estranged couple was trying to reconcile.

Shue, for his part, has erased Robach from all of his social media accounts.

Photo by TJ Holmes and Amy Robach on GMA3 Thursday and Friday morning.
The co-hosts were back on the air Thursday and Friday mornings but did not address the scandal around them.

It is said that Robach and Holmes may have been romantically entwined since at least March, when they were training for the New York City Marathon. Sources told The Post on Thursday that Robach and the “Melrose Place” alum’s divorce is nearing completion.

“He left earlier this summer,” said one source. “They constantly had problems over the years, and they finally broke up.”

Just a year ago, though, in a December 2021 joint interview with Robach on “The View,” Shue talked about his wife, the success of their marriage, and raising the couple’s mutually exclusive relationship. The appearance was related to a children’s book he wrote, Better Together.

Photo of Holmes and Robach training for the March Half Marathon.
Page Six reported that Holmes and Robach were warming up while training for the March half marathon.
New York Road Runners via Getty Images
Photo of Robach and her husband during the half marathon.
Robach also ran with her husband, Shaw.
NYRR via Getty Images

“This is our greatest achievement because it is not easy,” Shaw said at the time of their marriage. “Anyone who’s mixed with a family knows that when you combine different parenting styles, it’s very difficult.”

Robach has two daughters, Ava and Annalize, with ex-husband Tim Mackintosh, while Choi shares sons Nate, Aidan, and Wyatt with ex-wife Jennifer Hageney. Shaw said blending their families has been challenging but rewarding.

“I give Amy all the credit for really sticking with it because there were so many times I had trouble figuring out how to put together a playbook,” he explained during the interview. “I resisted. It’s hard to have two playbooks. You have to have one playbook. And when you get married for the first time, you obviously have one playbook. And Amy has brought so much to my kids, of discipline and love. It’s really been a journey.”

Robach was seen outside her Manhattan home on Friday.
Robach was seen outside her Manhattan home on Friday.
William Farrington
Holmes was spotted in New York City on Friday.
Holmes was also seen in New York City on Friday fiddling with two phones.
Zapata / Mega

Robach was equally passionate about her then-husband.

“Andrew was very selfless there,” Robach said. “He brought so much love and structure and joy and heart to our family too, and so we both made decisions to get on the same page. But it wasn’t easy, and sometimes it still isn’t easy. It’s not that we figure it out. We’re just trying to work it out together, that’s Pete.” The point.

Holmes and Robach have reportedly been very friendly since he joined GMA In 2014. Robach previously told People that she was thrilled when execs decided to pair them up for “GMA 3.”

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach at the Academy Awards.
Robach was reportedly thrilled when she was paired with Holmes on ‘GMA3’.
ABC via Getty Images

“[They] He said, “Hey, we want to bring in a co-anchor. What do you think of TJ Holmes?” And I almost fell out of my seat, Robach said.

“My Lord. You couldn’t have chosen a better person to ask me about my head, because we’ve been trying to find a way to work together for literally the past five years.”

Robach also described to People how she and Shaw double dated in the early years with Holmes and Febig.

Robach and Homes photo during GMA3: What you need to know, sums up the Oscars.
Robach said she and Holmes clicked instantly when he started working at ABC.
ABC via Getty Images

“The moment ABC started, I think we just clicked,” she said. “We went on a lot of double dating with our husbands and daughters babysitting his daughters.”

The pair’s closeness is somewhat reminiscent of former CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s once-secret relationship with then-colleague Alison Goulst, a relationship that lasted 10 years when Zucker, his wife, Golost, and her husband lived in the same Manhattan apartment building. . This led to both of them divorcing as well as a mutual falling out with CNN.

Meanwhile, Micah Brzezinski and now-husband Joe Scarborough, co-hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, reportedly began an affair while married to others but somehow escaped the scandal.

Photo of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes at the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront at Basketball City.
Holmes once said on the air, “I don’t need the transmission lines.”
Getty Images,

“Everyone knows, I mean everyone,” said a former NBC News employee of Brzezinski and Scarborough’s initially forbidden romance. “But somehow it didn’t turn into a problem.”

Robach has experience weathering storms on and off camera. Born in Michigan and raised in Georgia, Robach started out at a local station in Charleston, South Carolina and moved to WTTG in Washington before moving methodically up the cable and network news ladder. His stint at MSNBC in 2003 led to a “Weekend Today” job at NBC News. She left for ‘Good Morning America’ in 2012.

A moving truck was seen outside Robach's home in Manhattan on Friday.
A moving truck was seen outside Robach’s home in Manhattan on Friday.
William Farrington

In 2019, she was caught in a heated moment when she complained about how ABC had “crushed” its exclusive coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal before it exploded years later.

In 2013, it was discovered that she had stage 2 cancer in both the breast and the lymph nodes. She underwent a double mastectomy and said at the time that the doctors had diagnosed her with cancer.

Robach said last year that she credits the keto diet and intermittent fasting with keeping her healthy. Her lookalike mom, Joanie, owns a blog dedicated to keto recipes called MyKetoHome that was inspired by her daughter’s illness.

In 2019, Robach complained about how ABC was doing
In 2019, Robach complained about how ABC had “crushed” its exclusive coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.
Getty Images for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

As for her current lover, Holmes, he always seemed confident in the face of any scandal.

If his relationship with Robach didn’t work out, he probably wouldn’t worry about finding someone new.

When asked by GMA host Sarah Haines in 2015 what he uses for transmission lines, Holmes seemed confused.

“I don’t need transmission lines, are you kidding me?” He said. ‘I say hello.’ This is my limit.”

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