Apple says a software update is coming to fix a major problem with the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen

Some Reddit subscribers are reporting a strange issue affecting their iPhone 14 Pro Max units. When they wake up their phone, they often see horizontal lines appearing on the screen. The number of lines can vary. The good news is that Apple says this is not a hardware issue which means it can be fixed by rolling out a software update. This is clearly better for Apple and its customers than having to issue a recall and replace affected units.
Radiator with handle 1 LastOutlaw He explains what happens to the iPhone 14 Pro Max: “I noticed that when the phone wakes up, horizontal lines flash across the screen. It does this randomly, not every time the phone wakes up. Sometimes it’s just one line, sometimes it’s multiple. I took it to Apple , ran the diagnostics, and everything came back fine (in green). The technician told me there was no hardware problem, and that it had something to do with the software.”

Apple suggested a factory reset and that didn’t prevent the horizontal lines from appearing

However, even after doing the Apple-suggested factory reset and updating to iOS 16.2, the problem continues to appear. Others on the platform are also complaining about the same issue including this Reddit member Spells Who added a link to an image showing his iPhone 14 Pro Max with multiple horizontal lines on the screen.

And Reddit isn’t the only place online where you’ll find this conversation. Member of the Apple Support Community by the handle satyatejakasula He writes, “Hey, I just bought a new iPhone 14 Pro Max today, and I’m having a problem (I hope it’s just a software bug). The problem is that when I lock the phone (screen off) and turn it on, some kind of horizontal line appears on the screen and it’s 1/3 of the The screen is brighter then the rest of the screen (for a split second), then the lock screen appears as normal and the lines disappear when the screen is turned on.I tried turning off TrueTone, auto-brightness and tap to wake, but I still had the problem.I even tried restarting, force reset but Useless. iOS 16.1.2.”

All of those posting a complaint have iPhone 14 Pro Max units purchased earlier this month

Another issue that some iPhone 14 Pro Max users have spotted is the flickering screen. Telling his story on Reddit is a user bbitk Which says, “Hi everyone. I bought a 14 pro max 12 days. In recent days, say 4-5 days if I wake up to my screen to something I can notice the screen flickering for a millisecond. At first I thought it was something flickering because of the lights. But I got it twice. It’s really less than a second as it appears when I wake up the screen.Is anyone having the problem.I’m worried because it’s a new device and as you all know it’s money too

Interestingly, all of those complaining have an iPhone 14 Pro Max that they bought this month. how much is it Apple know about this? This is not clear at the moment though as those who visited a nearby Apple store were told it was a software problem. An Apple support member said, “We’re aware of the issue and it’s due to the drivers… It’s definitely a software issue and an update is expected soon.”

What makes this strange, aside from the appearance of horizontal lines on the displays of those affected units, is that this bug appears to be limited to a specific model and that the affected units appear to have been purchased in December. We can’t say for sure, but this kind of pattern might make it easier for Apple to come up with a final solution.

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