Rivals.com – Early signing period: Five teams were the biggest upsets


New to hiring a new coachLuke Fickel) and dealing with some early defections, Wisconsin has managed to recover and build up a very solid class in a short amount of time.

One-time flop and freshman four-star wide receiver Trech Kekahuna was a huge upset as the new Wisconsin staff had little connection with him. Four-star DB Amare Snowden was less shocking due to his prior commitment to Fickel to Cincinnati, but the fact that he was selected to Wisconsin was surprising due to his prior intentions of playing football and baseball in college, and Wisconsin does not have a baseball team.

The Badgers also landed 4-star Oklahoma quarterback Nick Evers, who will have a chance to start from Day 1 in Madison. The class is currently ranked No. 59 overall, which is nothing to write home about, but without the signing day surprises things would have been worse. Wisconsin should also move up the rankings when the late signing period ends as it is still looking to add players to this category.

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The Tide seems to be making its way onto every list with positive action, and this year was no different. The signing-day additions of in-state defensive linemen Jaquavious Russaw and James Smith weren’t too surprising, but great additions to a historically strong class, which is currently ranked No. 1 overall.

The biggest upsets here were touchdown longtime Iowa State commit Kadyn Proctor the day before signing as he appeared to be strong for the Hawkeyes for long. Finally, the addition of second cornerback Desmond Ricks, who many had speculated to be emaciated at LSU, was an upset and put the cherry on top of the class of 2023 at Alabama.

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Ohio State

The Buckeyes are currently ranked #4 overall and still impressive, but things could have been a lot better, and Ohio State surprisingly went from a #1 contender to dropping out of the top three.

Matayo Oyagalele opted to sign with Oregon State. Five-star defenseman Damon Wilson was considered by some to be weak at Ohio State but ultimately chose Georgia and four-star cornerback Kane Lee flipped to Auburn. Ohio State did add former commitment LSU’s Joshua Meekins, who was great, but ultimately the Buckeyes didn’t shut down the way they could have.

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The Sooners finished strong, jumping their class up to seventh place overall. While we knew the Sooners had a top 10 finish, the biggest surprise for the Sooners came the day after signing day, when former Notre Dame Peyton Bowen, who chose to commit to Oregon State on signing day, vowed to eventually sign with Oklahoma.

The addition of Marcus Strong was a nice signing day win, too, but Bowen’s signing with Oklahoma after all the signing day drama was perhaps the biggest upset of the entire 2023 recruiting cycle.

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I had long expected Michigan to finish strong, but the Wolverines’ recruiting efforts ahead of signing day were surprisingly stronger than I expected.

One-time Auburn receiver Karmello English did not announce his intentions until he signed his letter of intent to the Wolverines on signing day. And while the addition of four-star defensive back Jer Hill might not have been the biggest surprise of the day, it did come as a bit of a surprise that he signed with the Wolverines after dropping them off his final roster of teams heading to early. signature period.

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