Everyone has a shiny Pokemon now

Shiny Pokémon used to be prized possession for Pokémon fans everywhere. These rare Pokémon that feature an alternate color scheme have a 1 in 4,096 chance of appearing in the wild in recent games. For this reason, the special Pokémon has long served as a symbol of the dedicated trainer who would put hunting down rare monsters above all else. Catching a single shiny Pokemon can take multiple sessions of grinding for hours at a time. But that’s starting to change, as recent major games have made shining easier to find, and now it seems like everyone and their mom has a shiny Pokemon.

Technically, anyone played Pokemon Gold And the silver, or remakes, you may have caught at least one gloss. In those games, you pick up a red Gyarados as part of the main story. But outside of this special giraad, catching shiners was difficult in previous generations. From the second generation to the fifth generation (Pokemon Black 2 And the white 2), the luminosity vision rate was lower than it is now – 1 in 8192.

Of course, each game leads players to develop their own tricks and strategies to get shiny Pokemon. in a He went And the silverSome Shiny Hunters have estimated that a player can achieve a 1 in 64 chance of hatching Shiny if one of the parent Pokémon is Shiny. However, that requires starting with a polish, so those who want something other than Gyarados are left to grind and get one in the wild. So, starting to catch one in the wild still requires an enormous amount of grinding as players put up with the low odds. In the early days, the items that boosted a shiny Pokemon’s spawn rates weren’t there, so if you weren’t spawning, you’d have to cycle through encounter after encounter in the grass while running and bumping into each Pokemon one by one.

Over time, catching a flashlight has become more accessible. in a Diamond And the Pearl, we learned about Masuda’s breeding method, which increases the odds of a shiny Pokémon hatching from an egg when you breed Pokémon of two different languages. (For this reason, Dittos from other countries are the mainstay of Pokémon breeding. Sorry as is!) black 2 And the white 2 Introduce Shiny Magic, which triples the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokémon. Next, Game Freak doubled the overall odds of running into a shiny Pokemon X And the s.

This trend towards flashiness has continued to become more popular with Nintendo Switch games and remakes. in a Pokemon: Let’s go Pikachu And the Pokemon: Let’s Go EeveeGame Freak made the jump from the wild monster spawn in the grass to the world spawn. Instead of seeing a single spawn in battle, we can see dozens of Pokemon roaming around all at once, including the shiny Pokemon. Combine that with in-game events like the mass outbreak in Mythology: Arceus And the carmine And the Violetand you have ample opportunities to hunt down the illustrious.

Based on odds and anecdotal evidence, there is no doubt that this difficult way of catching monsters just got easier. When I tested the illustrious catch exploit in carmine And the Violet, I ended up catching Larvista’s shiny pet within 30 minutes. (It was a shimmer I’ve been craving and hoping for ever since black And the white.) Of course, a little bit of luck has played a part in my success, but I’m not alone. TikTok is filled with accounts of people who run into a shiny Pokemon by accident without looking for it; One viral video, according to the user who posted it, shows someone catching a lot of glitter in one day. I spoke with two die-hard fly fishermen who often broadcast their catches for hours on end, and they both confirmed that it had become easier to fish in general.

For Wafer, who broadcasts his fishing trips on Twitch, fishing shiny new games has become easier, even though games like carmine And the Violet It lacks audio-visual clues that indicate Pokemon in the wild. (in a Mythology: Arceusthe chime alerts players to the presence of a shiny; carmine And the Violet It doesn’t have this feature, and can unfortunately disqualify players who are colorblind or those who simply don’t know what a particular shiny Pokemon looks like.)

“I have to say, I’m personally happy with the changes to glitter hunting, as I don’t have as much time for glitter hunting as I used to when I was younger and I love hearing stories about people who have been playing games for years finally getting their first glitter,” said Weaver.

Weaver acknowledges the joy that comes with getting a special Pokemon. But the Gatekeepers have responded by emphasizing the relative rarity of Shine across the different Pokémon games. Steve Sarumi, broadcast writer and podcaster who runs the Pokémon Podcast It’s super effectiveNotice the slight increase in the guard of the Shiny Pokémon now that they are easier to catch.

The argument is about how the “easier” shiny Pokemon would devalue other shiners, which doesn’t make much sense to me. If I find a shiny Koffing on my trip Pokemon CrystalPersonally, I wouldn’t consider it any more valuable than stumbling upon the same Pokemon in shield. “They’re both brilliant Koffing at the end of the day,” Sarumi said.

As catching shiny Pokémon has become easier over time, those who want an extra challenge have found ways to increase the difficulty of collecting Pokémon. Weaver told me that he’s seen an increasing number of players turning to the “live shiny game” and trying to get the shiny version of every Pokemon in the game. So instead of going for specific Pokemon, hunters will try to catch all 400 in games like carmine And the Violet.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t super rare Pokemon to hunt anymore. Pokemon Sword And the shield Marked introduced Pokemon. Featured Pokemon have a special “tag” in the Pokemon summary bar submenu. Each mark serves as a kind of tribute that bears witness to the unique circumstances under which the coach discovered it. When you send a Pokémon abroad, it will have a special title, such as “Mimikyu the Sleepy.” carmine And the Violet It contains dozens of tags, with Serebii rated the rarest tags having an occurrence rate of 1 in 1000.

Sarumi said these distinct Pokemon have become a new target for intense hunters.

“Not only do I think noticeable luster is a very fun thing to collect, but it gives that feeling of finding a ‘harder’ target without making the barrier to glitter hunting too intimidating for a wider audience.”

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