Not only did Gotham Knights kill Batman – he killed Gotham too

Batman: The Animated SeriesThe animation department had a standing order from Eric Radomsky, the show’s creator: Instead of working on industry standards for dark colors on white paper, the backgrounds would be drawn with light on colors black paper. This formed what the show’s producers called “dark decor,” a unique aesthetic drawn from the Batman films of director Tim Burton, Detective Noir, and Art Deco. When I think of Gotham, it’s like that this is Gotham that comes to mind.

When Rocksteady created its own Arkham Games, the developer drew from this episodic masterpiece. Not only did the trio pull off the animated series’ gorgeous voice cast, but they also modeled their version of Gotham in the style of dark decor: Gothic architecture, big moon, Art Deco interiors and exteriors, black moods, and lighting. This photography is the essence Arkham city And the Arkham Knight.

It’s a pity, then, that in Gotham’s newest open-world game, WB Games Montréal’s Gotham Knight(which I enjoyed somewhat), the kind of rich characterization of the city, as a unique character in its own right, is lackluster, along with its villains. Gotham and Batman’s gallery and gallery of con artists are relentlessly connected to one another: all of Batman’s great stories are woven from these three threads. Diluting any one of these will result in a less rich texture than any story Batman has been woven into.

[Ed. note: Spoilers for Gotham Knights follow.]

Photo: WB Games Montréal/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gotham Knights You see you take on Batman’s mantle as the titular city’s defender after his death, in the shaky shoes of four patrons: Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood. Every night, the four patrol an open world in Gotham. This is a city shrouded in mist that clings to distant buildings; multi-colored lights penetrate the darkness; gentle rain falls down the walls and latex suits; Gargoyles are hanging everywhere on the various buildings. It is, at least outwardly, striving to imitate Gotham City. However, I find it completely devoid of character: the lifeless homogeneous regions differ only in name, and do not evolve at all over the course of the Bat family’s campaign in Gotham Knights. This Gotham City feels like a flat plane of monotony rather than a patchwork of character.

Arkham City And the Arkham Knight She dealt directly with Gotham itself as a character and a space: it encounters permanent changes in architecture or landscape. (in Arkham CityJoker blows up a tower. in Arkham KnightBatman often “redecorates” buildings and roads with his tank.) Arkham CityTwo-Face’s followers, notable in their two-tone wardrobe, storm banks and cars; Joker’s followers hang out in clown makeup around carnival-like groups. Designed events occurred in specific neighborhoods, giving Gotham depth, and thus identity. Rocksteady’s Take on Gotham, along with WB Montréal in 2013 Arkham’s originsTo a lesser extent, they achieve a strong connection to the deeper aspects of Gotham, because they treat Gotham as a round character. Gotham Gotham KnightsHowever, it is static, monotonous and boring. Where is the permanent damage to Mr. Freeze in the change of weather? Where is the structural damage after Clives escape?

What makes this worse is that Gotham Knights He misbehaves with a group of villains who, throughout their comic strip rides, are compelling and disingenuous embodiments of the city’s bitter history: the Court of Owls.

Principal art from the Gotham Knights of several members of the infamous Court of Owls - all wearing ornate masks and fancy suits

Photo: WB Games Montréal/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Despite being one of the oldest legal entities in the Batman universe, the Court was only introduced to the Batman legend in 2012. The Court houses the richest and most powerful families in Gotham, who maintain their control through espionage and assassination. They are cultural and intimidating, operate in the shadows, and are a real threat to Batman because they are also a threat to Bruce Wayne.

The court only appeared outside the comics in the excellent animated film batman vs robinAnd on the TV programme Gotham. Of course, the possibility of head-butting with them was one Gotham KnightsThe largest initial draw. My love for all things cultural and scary meant I had high hopes for these new villains.

Unfortunately, Gotham Knights The court is abruptly sidelined after a large-scale massacre by the League of Shadows, another recurring group of antagonists in the Batman lore. All the intrigue and weirdness surrounding the court dissipates: while we have secondary side quests related to the court, these are number-colored quests with little to no depth. They often involve a fight with a few extremes, but nothing greater comes from these encounters. One of the Bat-family’s major threats to the game’s marketing becomes little more than a chapter in the larger narrative. Gotham Knights Wasted an opportunity to delve deeper into the veins of Gotham, to root out the court that poisons the city, the very group that sees itself as a cure. Will Gotham collapse without the court? Will the city develop irreversibly? These are compelling questions. But in Gotham Knightsthey just ask in passing.

Concept art for Gotham Knights, where Red Hood and Nightwing sit on the edge of a building in the foreground, looking at the bell tower

Photo: WB Games Montréal/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

With Batman dead, and the most exciting villain wiped out in the blink of an eye, the weight falls on the city to rise to the occasion Gotham Knights. But Gotham City is under-selling. The scenery doesn’t change, but only the closed main missions that don’t leave lasting scars on the open world.

Rocksteady’s Batman was constantly deteriorating, and Gotham was no different: plants exploding from cracks, poisons hanging in the air, ocean buying, etc. This was because Personalities Change and Gotham itself should Be personal. This idea is absent Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Have you filthed Gotham by making all its provinces and activities in the world monolithic; He had access to the Court of Owls, one of the most compelling actors in the Batman canon, but shrugged it off as if Batman might get away with a loaded pistol. There is no growth in this world because his world is just a background. Gotham Knights It makes a grand show of killing the Dark Knight in its opening moments. The greatest tragedy? You killed Gotham, too.

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