TJ Holmes cheated on his wife with a ‘GMA’ producer before his relationship with Amy Robach

As if things could get a little messier.

Before TJ Holmes began a relationship with “GMA 3” anchor Amy Robach, he had a three-year relationship with married “Good Morning America” producer Natasha Singh that began in 2016.

Multiple sources told Page Six that the cheating duo confided in Robach about their infidelity.

“Amy was the person they went to talk to about their relationship and marriage,” an insider claimed.

Another source doubted that Robach was their close friend and insisted, “She didn’t know about the case until it was in its final stages. They told her that in the end.”

Their long-distance relationship began with Holmes in New York and Singh serving as the show’s producer from Los Angeles.

Holmes was just a reporter for GMA at the time and told us they would meet for treatments during his travels.

TJ Holmes
TJ Holmes was in a relationship with “GMA” producer, who was also a friend of current lover Amy Robach.
ZapatA/MEGA for the New York Post

Singh, who is also a yoga teacher and medium, left the show in 2018 and moved to New York, where she began working as a producer on CBS Mornings. This is when she and Holmes begin to spend more time together.

Natasha Singh worked as a producer for ‘GMA’ in Los Angeles before moving to New York.

Natasha Singh/Facebook


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A source tells us that Roberts ran into both anchors over the course of…

“She fell in love with him. He had the key to her apartment,” another insider told us.

“No comment,” Singh told us when we reached out.

Holmes’ wife, Marilee Febig, learned of the affair in 2019 after discovering numerous emails, we’re told.

As rumors swirled about Holmes and Robach, “Marily didn’t think of Amy because she was fixated on Natasha. She never thought [him cheating] With Amy because they were friends. The first source said Amy’s daughter was their daughter’s babysitter.

Amy Robach and Singh were friends until things started heating up between her and Holmes.
Amy Robb/Instagram

Holmes ended the relationship and the couple began working to reconcile their marriage throughout the pandemic.

Ropac, however, remained friends with Singh and it angered Veebig because “she was seeing pictures of the two of them on Instagram and didn’t understand how their friend and co-host of her husband could still be friends with the woman who tried to dissolve their marriage,” the third source said.

However, Singh’s friendship with Robach soured earlier this year “in the spring due to [Amy] He was very close to TJ.”

TJ Holmes and Marilee Febig
Holmes’ wife, Marilee Febig, found out about this affair with Singh in 2019.

It wasn’t until the summer that Fiebig became suspicious of Robach because they began to look “closer than their mates”. Multiple sources have told us that Holmes and Robach would have random meetings during the day and hit the pub for drinks with each other.

However, Holmes and his wife were “completely together” in August and even celebrated his birthday with a trip to the Bahamas.

There Feibig discovered a birthday card from Robach that was very personal and “brought back old Natasha drama. She doesn’t trust him anymore,” the third source said.

Representatives for the duo “GMA” and Fiebig have not commented.

Additional reporting by Mara Siegler

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