Tips for Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet Terra Red battle tips

tEra Raid Battles are all the rage in Paldea. There is no better way to catch rare Pokemon, collect Tera Shards, and earn money or LP fast. Completing Tera Raid Battles is also the only way to get ability patches and special ingredients for meal powers that will take your outings to the next level. Whether you’re a shiny Pokemon collector who needs Herba Mystica to create a sandwich with Sparkling Power or a competitive fighter looking for an Ability Patch or Bottle Cap to power up your team, there are plenty of reasons to host and join Tera Raid Battles. Regularly. It’s also a great way to spend time with your friends as you try to defeat powerful Tera Pokémon. Learn more about how to unlock Tera Raid Battles, prepare your Pokemon for battle, and more!

Tera Raid battles become available once you leave Mesagoza and embark on a treasure hunt across Paldea. To get into Tera Raid battles, look for Tera Raid crystals – sparkling formations that shine beams of light through the air. If you follow one of these rays of light, you will eventually find a Tera Raid crystal at its source. Generally, you won’t know what Pokemon will appear in a Tera Raid crystal until you get there to check out its silhouette in person, so keep your surroundings in mind while searching for a specific Pokemon!

Another way to participate in Tera Raid Battles is by selection Battle of Terra Red from the Poké Portal menu. From there, what you can do depends on whether you’re playing offline, online, or in a Union Circle group. If you are offline and not in a group, you can join the raids via link icons. If you’re playing solo online, you’ll see a bunch of raids looking for more players, and you can join one of them, choose a random raid, or join specific raids via link icons as you would offline. In a Union Circle group, the only raids you’ll see here are those posted by others in your group, and you can join these raids no matter where you and others in your group are in the game world.

Early on, you’ll be able to plunge into the world of raids with 1-star Tera Raid Battles, but higher levels will become available as you earn more badges – from 2-star Tera Raid Battles to 3-star Tera Raid Battles and so on. Once you’ve completed the main story associated with the three paths, you’ll unlock 5-star Tera Raid Battles that require powerful Pokemon and a higher level of teamwork.

After completing the post-game events that follow the main story and removing some high-level Tera Raid Battles from your map, you will be able to battle 6-star Tera Raid Battles in the Tera Raid Black Crystals. The Tera Raid battles are particularly challenging, with high-level Pokémon featuring near-perfect stats and a greatly increased HP pool.

Every day at midnight local time, a new set of raids – including a new 6-star raid – will appear on your map. Completing post-game events will also be necessary to unlock 7-star Tera Raid Battles on your map. These Tera Raid Battles are only available during Special Events. Note that you can join any Tera Raid battle regardless of game progress if you are provided with a Link Token – but make sure your Pokémon is strong enough to hold its power before you join any raid.

Each time a player faints a Pokémon in a Tera Raid battle, the time left to defeat a raid boss decreases dramatically, so it’s important to train a Pokémon that can withstand the raid boss’s attack and deal enough damage to take it down. The most effective way to do this is to train your Pokémon to the highest level — Lv. 100. Distribute their stat points effectively by strategically fighting wild Pokemon or using items such as HP Up, Protein and Carbos.

Get your team to the level. 100 may sound like a challenge, but it’s fighting Pokemon that gives a lot of experience. Points (eg Chansey) and using Exp. Candy from Tera Raid Battles will help your Pokemon level up faster. When it comes to stat points, giving your Pokémon items such as Power Weight – which can be purchased at all Delibird Presents locations – will also speed up the training process. Selling treasures earned from Tera Raid Battles, including Rare Bones and Nuggets, will make it easier to purchase stat training items as well.

You’ll also need to consider which Pokémon are most effective in battle. For example, a strong physical attacker, like Azumarill, will benefit more from an Adamant Nature, while a skilled Special Attacker, like Sylveon, will get more mileage from a humble nature. Support Pokemon, such as Umbreon or Blissey, should take into account the natures that bring out their defensive power, including Calm and Careful Natures. You can capture or breed Pokémon to get this specific nature, or you can use Mint items to help the Pokémon you already have reach their fullest potential. Mints can be purchased at all Chansey Supply locations once you’ve advanced far enough in the game, earned from Tera Raid Battles, or found while roaming the open world of Paldea.

Choosing a Grass-type Pokémon might seem appealing to counter a Talonflame that has a Water Tera Type, but it’s important to remember the types of moves that a Pokémon like Talonflame might make. This Grass-type move will hit Talonflame for super effective damage, but most of the moves available for Talonflame are Fire or Flying type, which would deal super effective damage back to Grass-type Pokemon. In this case, Electric-type Pokemon, like Miraidon, are especially powerful – they can deal super-effective damage and counteract Flying Bird-type moves, like Brave Bird. Staying in battle is just as important as doing damage, so choosing a Pokémon with an effective defensive type goes a long way to coming out victorious.

Each battle requires its own strategy. There will be times when it’s best to bring in a damage-dealing Pokémon, like Azumarill, and times when it’s best to support the rest of your team with a defensive Pokémon, like Blissey. If most of your teammates pick a Pokemon like Perrserker or Umbreon with support moves like Screech, then it’s best to choose a Pokemon like Azumarill that can take advantage of your teammates’ moves to lower your stats. If your teammates are already taking damage with strong Pokémon equipped to launch super-effective attacks, bringing in Pokémon with defensive moves like Light Screen and Reflect as well as stat-reducing moves like Metal Sound and Screech will have a greater positive impact than choosing another strong attack Pokémon.

Chanting is also a staple of Tera Raid Battles. Cheering doesn’t charge up your Tera Orb – which requires you to perform three attacks before it can be activated – but it can help your teammates deal damage by boosting their attack power or keeping them on the field with a Grit Heal. Keeping everyone in the battle obliquely speeds up Terastallizing and ensures that the time needed to complete a Tera Raid battle isn’t used up too quickly. It may be tempting to try to star in every Tera Raid battle, but cheering is equally valuable in almost every situation.

Azumarill, Garchomp, Perrserker, Koraidon, and Miraidon are some of the most powerful attackers you can engage in any Tera Raid battle. Umbreon and Blissey are similarly flexible when used as support Pokémon. Each Pokemon has access to moves such as Belly Drum, Light Screen, Metal Sound, Reflect, Screech, and Swords Dance, perfect for picking at the start of a battle. Read below for some powerful combos to get the most out of these Pokemon.

  • azomaryl

    • superpower

    • abdominal drum

    • filtering

    • Play raw

  • Umbreon

    • light screen

    • reflects

    • squeak

    • taunt

  • Blessy

    • life dew

    • light screen

    • reflects

    • Tail whip

  • Garchomp

    • Earthquake

    • anger

    • rockslide

    • Swords dance

  • Berserker

    • Iron head

    • squeak

    • Swords dance

    • taunt

  • Corydon

    • collision course

    • exchange punch

    • squeak

    • Swords dance

  • Mairidon

    • electric drift

    • metallic sound

    • Parabolic charge

    • taunt

Once your team has smashed the Pokémon’s Tera Gem, the hard work is over – all that’s left is to reap your rewards. Wild Pokémon defeated in Tera Raid Battles guarantee that you can catch them, no matter what type of Poké Ball you choose. Whether you’re a Premier Ball fan or a deluxe ball fanatic, pick your favorite Poké Ball and let it fly – you’ll have powerful new Pokémon by your side and plenty of useful items to catch. Happy raiding, trainers!

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