Netflix added 34 new movies and series this week

Vanishing – Image: Lionsgate

Welcome to our roundup of everything new on Netflix in the US over the past seven days, including all of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday additions. Here’s the complete list of the 18 movies and 16 series that dropped, plus what’s been trending in the top 10 movies in the US.

No doubt Wednesday It was the biggest addition of the week, with its arrival on Wednesday. We’ll wait for her stats on Tuesday, but it seems like a sure bet that she’ll be waiting for a second season.

Looking ahead, Netflix plans to release over a dozen new titles next week, including Express trainAnd the Firefly LaneAnd the Scrooge: Christmas Caroto.

Titles you might have missed on Netflix this week

Vanishing (2018)

evaluation: R
language: Einglish
Type: Drama, mystery, thriller
Director: Christopher Neholm
Throw: Peter Mullan, Gerard Butler, Emma King
clerk: Celine Jones, Jo Boone
the show length: 107 minutes / 1 hour 47 d
Awards: 1 win and 5 nominations

In Wednesday’s roundup of what’s new on Netflix, one of the titles we didn’t highlight is the British film, Vanishing Starring Gerard Butler.

The story is about three lighthouse keepers on an uninhabited island who stumble upon gold.

With a score of 85% on RottenTomatoes, the critics concluded:

“A suspenseful atmosphere, evocative setting, and solid cast keep audiences invested in The Vanishing’s patient approach to unraveling its mystery.”

The movie is only available to those in the premium category, which means if you’re in the Netflix ad tier, the title will be blocked.

Jessalyn Maxwell: Filthy Rich (2022)

evaluation: TV-MA
language: Einglish
Type: Documentary, crime
Director: Maiken Bird, Lisa Bryant
Throw: Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Miken Bird
the show length: 101 minutes / hour and 41 minutes

as a follow-up to Jeffrey Epstein: Dirty Rich It’s Ghislaine Maxwell: Dirty Rich.

Unlike most Netflix documentaries that deal with subjects in the history books, this story is played out dramatically and painfully in real time, since Maxwell was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The documentary lasts less than two hours and sees stories from survivors of how Maxwell helped carry out the horrific crimes of Jeffrey Epstein.

Birth care centre (season 1)

evaluation: TV 14
language: korean
Type: Comedy drama
Throw: Um Ji Won, Ha Sun Park, Jang Hye Jin
the show length: 65 min / 1h 5m

Added on November 27, Birth care centre It is another Korean series that premiered on Netflix in 2022 and boasts of 7.9 on IMDb.

This is the official plot line for the series, Episode VIII:

β€œAt the height of her career, a woman was gifted with the miracle of life. A new mom heads to the postpartum care center where judgment and camaraderie await.”

The full list of new releases on Netflix this week

All new titles listed were added from November 20th to November 27th.

18 new movies added this week

  • Christmas at the Glutinous Farm (2022) Netflix Original
  • Jessalyn Maxwell: Filthy Rich (2022) Netflix Original
  • Lesson Plan (2022) Netflix Original
  • Finding Love (2018)
  • From Good Report (2013)
  • Padavetthu (2022)
  • Soul Boy (2010)
  • Southpaw (2015)
  • The Boxtrolls (2014)
  • The Last Dolphin King (2022) Netflix Original
  • The Missing Patient (2022)
  • The Noel Diary (2022) Netflix Original
  • The Bathers (2022) Netflix Original
  • The Evanescence (2018)
  • Trevor Noah: I Wish You Were (2022) Netflix Original
  • The Seduction of Tyler Perry: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013)
  • Weather for two (2022)
  • Who is the good boy? (2022) Netflix Original

16 new TV series added this week

  • Becoming a Dad (season 1)
  • Birth Care Center (season 1)
  • Blood and Water (Season 3) Netflix Original
  • Blood, Sex, and Kings (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Documentary Now! (seasons 1-3)
  • First Love (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Khaki: The Bihar Chapter (Season 1) Netflix original
  • Korea No. 1 (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • LEGO: City Adventures (Season 4)
  • Love Island USA (seasons 1-22 episodes)
  • My Little Pony: Make Your Brand (Chapter 3)
  • Our World (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • StoryBots: Answer Time (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Taco Chronicles (Volume 3) Netflix Original
  • The Unbroken Voice (Season 1-61 episodes) Netflix Original
  • Wednesday (Season 1) Netflix Original

The most popular movies and shows on Netflix US this week

For a look at the top 100 global companies, check out our list for Week 47 here.

The 16 most popular movies on Netflix US this week

Slumberland Netflix movie November 2022

Slumberland – Image: Netflix

  1. Slumberland (68 points).
  2. Where the Crawdaddys sing (61 points)
  3. The Bad Guys (45 points).
  4. Christmas with you (36 points)
  5. Fall for Christmas (34 points).
  6. I’m Vanessa Guillen (28 points).
  7. wonderland (26 points)
  8. Noel’s Diary (20 points).
  9. RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned (15 points)
  10. Sing 2 (14 points)
  11. Jessalyn Maxwell: Filthy Rich (13 points)
  12. Christmas on Mistletoe Farm (9 points).
  13. Swimmers (8 points).
  14. Goosebumps (4 points).
  15. Lesson plan (3 points)
  16. Enola Holmes 2 (1 point)

Top 16 most popular series on Netflix US this week

1899 Netflix 2022

1899 – Image: Netflix

  1. 1899 (67 points)
  2. Dead to Me (60 points)
  3. Crown (53 points).
  4. Manifest (40 points)
  5. Pepsi, where’s my plane? (39 points)
  6. Wednesday (30 points)
  7. Love is blind (26 points).
  8. Being (16 points).
  9. Inside the job (14 points)
  10. Blood and water (12 points)
  11. Old World Apocalypse (12 points)
  12. From scratch (5 points)
  13. Arelys Henao: I sing and I don’t cry (4 points)
  14. Elite (3 points)
  15. Little Angel (2 points)
  16. Love Island (2 points)

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