The three signs of the zodiac with approximate weekly horoscopes for December 4-10, 2022

It would be a mistake to call the entire week of December 4-10, 2022 “rough” because much of what might make it difficult for us comes from valuable lessons.

This is a week where mastering has learning curves, but we all know that mastery comes with pain and acceptance. This week has us balancing our issues. We will look more closely at our identity, and many of us will feel the burn that comes with a so-called “trial by fire.”

Mercury in Capricorn makes sure that we are honest with ourselves during this journey.

We can no longer just believe the lies we’ve told ourselves over the years, and during the week of December 4-10, we’ll not only warm to this fleeting energetic outpouring, but we’ll also cross paths with the Full Moon in Gemini as well, which will offer us a choice; Our decision is crucial and with the immunity of Mars approaching that same day, we may have a hard time making that decision.

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The Moon’s square to Jupiter near the end of the week should be beneficial; However, that will be when we get over our decision. Did we take the right step? Will we get what we want now?

What may seem obvious and obvious may suddenly turn suspicious or confusing. Thus the moon sextile Uranus ends the week for us.

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So, it’s not a terrible week; It’s the kind of week in which, if we keep our hearts and minds open, we’ll learn exactly what we need to know.

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