Accused Robert De Niro robber Shanice Aviles will strike again if released: Prosecution

The serial robber accused of breaking into Robert De Niro’s Manhattan home has been ordered to be released on $40,000 bail – after prosecutors warned she would commit another crime if allowed to go free.

Shanice Aviles, 30, who has at least 26 busts on her rap sheet, was given several opportunities to participate in shows that would keep her out of jail before she was charged with second-degree burglary in a brazen Monday morning robbery, prosecutors say. In Manhattan he said it was called.

“She has failed time and time again to take advantage of rehab services that would enable her to detox, stay out of trouble, and look… [for] Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Dylan Los Huertos told the judge.

“The defendant showed that she would not engage in services,” said Los Huertos. “She will not go back to court and will re-offend if she is released.”

The prosecutor asked Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Lewis to hold Aviles on $40,000 cash bail, $80,000 bond, or $120,000 bond, with Lewis signing the recommendation.

Serial robber Shanice Aviles has been ordered to post $40,000 bail after breaking into actor Robert De Niro’s Upper East Side home.
Jesse Ward

“There is no less restrictive way than a financial bail,” said Los Huertos. “We’ve tried everything else, so a big cash bail is appropriate here.”

Aviles was last released Dec. 13 after a judge waived $5,000 bail for her to investigate a drug treatment program in Manhattan — which blew him up, officials said.

In court late Monday on the new charge, Lewis told Aviles’ legal aid attorneys that his client has been “given many opportunities” in the past.

“They gave the defendant an opportunity to attend an inpatient program,” Luis told Aviles’ attorney. “Unfortunately, [she] It is justified and we have a new matter ahead of us.”

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro was sleeping upstairs in his Upper East Side home when serial robber Shanice Aviles allegedly broke in early on Dec. 19.
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Aviles was arrested by cops after eagle-eyed officers saw her break into her $69,000-a-month East 65th Street townhouse and arrested her while wearing a stolen pair of headphones, according to a criminal complaint in the case.

Sources said the Goodfellas actor was sleeping upstairs when he heard the commotion and went down — just in time to see the cops arrest Aviles.

Aviles faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the most serious offence.

The career criminal, who has 16 busts this year alone, ignored the new case when she was removed from New York Police Station 19 in handcuffs on Monday.

“I didn’t kill anyone!” I shouted at the reporters. “I didn’t go to Robert De Niro’s house!”

Chance Aviles, 30.
Accused burglar Shanice Aviles shouted to reporters, “I didn’t kill anyone,” after she was charged with breaking into Robert De Niro’s Manhattan home.
Stephen Hirsch

The 79-year-old Oscar-winning actor has been inside the house for most of Monday, at one point going outside and telling reporters he was “fine” after the incident.

On Tuesday, workers came to the house at 8:15 am but someone else answered the door.

About an hour later, the dog walkers stopped to walk the actor’s pups.

De Niro left the house and plunged into a black SUV around 11:45 a.m. without a word.

Additional reporting by Dechenia Andrews and Elizabeth Rosner

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