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Alan Rickman
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The most tragic British loss in recent times was, of course, the death of respected actor Alan Rickman. Hans Gruber to some, Professor Snape to others, the evil villain of love actually To everyone: He was a giant on screen. A little gossip thing off screen. Madly, Deeply: The Diary of Alan RickmanAnd the A compilation of Rickman’s posthumous memoirs, It will be released by British publisher Canongate on October 4. Rickman began writing in 1992, running as many as 26 volumes until his death in 2016. Vulture collected excerpts from Rickman as charming, opinionated, and particularly candid in his writing. Below, the tales we learned from Alan Rickman’s memoirs other than a horcrux.

He was reluctant to take on the role of Snape.
On August 23, 2000, Rickman accepted his role in the first Harry Potter Movie. The next day, he wrote that he “wasn’t feeling anything about it HP Which really annoys me.”

he is truly He didn’t like the icon Harry Potter Music theme.
He writes that the first film “gains a scale and depth matching John Williams’ gruesome score” on its premiere night.

He loved prisoner of azkaban, anyway.
He wrote on July 30, 2003: “The day got off to a great start with the guillotine screen in my head, and all of a sudden, a speed of blackout was followed by a bleak day.” [Cuarón, director] She was ballistically quiet with me. I love it too much to let it last so I squeaked with a flick and we sorted it out.”

He’s been friends with Wormtail for years.
We should all be so lucky to get into a party and get the specific initial reaction at least once in our lives: “Tim Spall (thank God)”.

Helena Bonham Carter has a middle school boy’s sense of humor.
On March 10, 2008, Rickman wrote, “The phrase ‘get out your wand’ reduces Helena Bonham Carter to helpless cheerfulness and you’ll be a bit of a Waterloo come Thursday.”

Speaking of Helena Bonham Carter, Rickman was kind of a Tim Burton Stan.
He calls the 2008 BAFTAs “meaningless” because they weren’t nominated Sweeney Todd. Then it is believed that Alice in Wonderland The remake was “so charming – exotic, profound, complex and beautiful.”

He was a tougher film critic in the 1990s and early periods.
in the line of fire It’s incredible die hard vogue. opponents on the phone to each other, falling from a skyscraper, etc., etc.” says he went to The last action hero “No hubs but it’s a very bad movie…” forrest gump Claims a long, dark night of soul: “I swore I wouldn’t go. I went and it was just as awful as I thought but in a completely different way. There was an obvious attempt to soften the emotion, but along the way the movie had its cake, He eats it and spit it out with Vietnam, “unnamed viruses”, etc. “

didn’t think Marvin’s room It handled the AIDS epidemic better.
“Another of those American plays insist You feel something. I don’t think anger and frustration was what they had in mind. I feel like my mind is completely shut off because of the experience.”

Even his positive opinions read like fossils.
hard day It’s “not quite a capra. But a relief.”

he gave Jurassic Park Aretha’s treatment of “Wonderful gowns, beautiful gowns.”
“What the hell is this plot? The great dinosaurs.”

He had the perfect critique of Quentin Tarantino before anyone else did.
“Pulp Fiction – Brilliant and empty. original and duplicate. Like reading an upscale comic – if you’re going to be a gangster, that’s…”

He wasn’t fascinated by Nicholas Hoult’s big break.
about a boy It is “the kind of depressing English movie where single mothers and AI workers are ugly guys in oversized jackets.”

He met King Charles now at a charity event and thought he was fine.
“The Prince of Wales is a good man, I think.”

To some extent, he was aware Fellow Potter Dolls.
At the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part Two, He writes of “Thousands yelling and singing,” Snape, Snape, Severus Snape…”

He thought the last page of Deathly Hallows He was a “genius”.

He had some shady things to write about Emma Watson.
On the day of the “guillotine”, another source of distress was Watson’s style, which was “this side of Albania sometimes”. In 2010, he read in Vogue magazine That the “Producers” of Watson gave her an antique Rolex as a winding gift. Questionable quotes are his property.

Making a movie with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in the ’90s sounds pretty awful.
He wrote about filming “Affleck Clashes, Later Matt Damon” creed in 1997. “The room was suddenly filled with baseball hats, cans of water/ice tea/whatever, orange peels, potato chips, cigarette smoke. We’re bungee jumping our way through the script.”

He was not a player.
In 1994, he went to his friend’s house and noticed how kids “play Nintendo games – just forget!”

Maybe he would like stardo valley, anyway.
His only entry for August 15, 1993: “Every afternoon – simple yet back-breaking fun in making flower beds.”

If Alan Rickman wrote hamilton, Perhaps she had more songs about farming.
In 1994, on vacation to Nevis, Rickman writes, “The Alexander Hamilton Museum. I learned a little bit about soil erosion and why we plant trees, and I didn’t learn much about soil erosion.”

He looked at the latecomers in the theatre.
in production private life In 2002, he noted, “Nicole Kidman and Tobey Maguire arrived half an hour late. Why are you coming?” Prince Petty!

He wasn’t exactly flirting with the press.
He wrote in 1993: “Speaking with journalists always makes me feel uncomfortable and a bit like those tribes who don’t like to take pictures because they sacrifice their lives.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! A ‘a bit scary’ place.
During the 2003 appearance of the promotion love actually Rickman touched on a joke, and to make matters worse, he was exposed to “the horrors of Toby Keith as he sang American Soldier”.

Liam Gallagher is an “absolute sandy guy.”
Rickman loved his singing voice but couldn’t handle the bluffs.

It made rom-coms confused.
after vision sleepless in seattle, Rickman writes, “Halfway I think” I was in that movie. It simply wasn’t,” says a posthumous editor’s footnote.

Versace rules.
No more questions.

Drooling Annie Leibovitz.
“She’s a very good graphics designer and has a better address book.” drilling!

He went to Brian Cox’s birthday party in 1996.
Shockingly, this is one of the entries that doesn’t contain crazy or scandalous celebrities.

Hamlet was a real-life slacker.
In 1994, Rickman wrote, “The question is to work or hang out for 5 hours.”

You wouldn’t guess which song he asked to play at his funeral.
“Uptown Funk.”

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