The three signs of the zodiac with their awesome weekly horoscopes for December 18-24, 2022

It’s starting to look a lot like friendship, love, good times, and family! Welcome week ahead, folks. The bright light in all of this is that this week will allow us to feel good about it, no matter what we do, think, or worry about.

What are the three zodiac signs that have great horoscopes for the week of September 18, 2022?

Yes, life goes on, and it’s not always that great, but we humans have a way of rising above everything just to touch happiness.

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Since this week has plenty of beneficial astrological transits in store for you, don’t worry. What does not feel good will transform, and what does not work will resolve itself.

This week provides us with an opportunity to fix our love life and an excellent opportunity to say what needs to be said in certain family situations. We will be uptight and blunt, but merciful and considerate. We are not here to confuse people. We’re driven to show how much we care, but we’re also very concerned with telling the truth, and you know how it goes: sometimes the truth hurts. But this week, the painful truth will open the doors to greatness. You will see!

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Hello, Moon sextile Venus, and thank you for allowing us to find hope in our romances. Hello Jupiter in Aries, and thank you for giving us the strength to support our convictions, and hey, Capricorn season! We need you right now, because you are the rudder that keeps this ship together and keeps us on the right track. As we approach Christmas Eve, we can feel good about the future, as Venus conjunct the Moon lets us know that in the long run, everything will be fine.

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