What will you play this weekend? (17 December)

Alana Haggis, Staff Writer

Echoes of Chains will be my go-to for the coming weeks – I only spent a few hours playing it truly Hassan. The plot moves at a great pace and the combat has enough wrinkles to make it feel fresh in the old-school turn-based battle system. Honestly, nothing is more relaxing and festive to me than playing an SNES-style RPG.

And even though I have to buy gifts for other people, I bought a Lil Gator for myself, so I’ll probably start that this weekend. I think my love of crocodiles is well documented (Totodile, Krookodile, and Skeledirge), and I need something more wholesome compared to some of the Echoes series events.

Jim Norman, staff writer

With Death Stranding 2 news from The Game Awards, I turned on my OL’ PS4 this week trying to get around the finally Finish the first game. Aside from having to learn all the controls from scratch again and wash them away with BT left, right and center, I still had a great time with it and am excited to play more.

In the Switch world, who knows what this weekend will hold? I recently finished all of my current runs – just in time for that nice Switch eShop sale, might I add – so maybe something new will be on the cards. To my great regret, I’ve never played Hades and it’s being given a tasty discount right now, so maybe it’s time to finally take it in.

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

OOOOH my gaming calendar before Christmas is completely full. I’m playing Metal Gear Solid V for the first time – it’s my first Kojima game too, so this is an experience – and it turns out I’m really good at it, which is a great feeling. My partner is also playing Outer Wilds for the first time, which I’ve been waiting for years, to the point where it’s actually a little stressful!

On the Switch, though, Pokémon Scarlet is wrapping up, and I just bought an Aka… which is nice, but it’s a little broken so far, which is a shame. But I trust a few corrections will help!

Oli Reynolds, Staff Writer

With this weekend celebrating the 35th anniversary of the first Mega Man game, I’m going to be playing the Mega Man Legacy collection on Switch and… playing every title but the first. Look, we all know he’s the lowest. However, I’m looking forward to diving back into the series and who knows, maybe we’ll get some news from Capcom about where the franchise goes next…

Elsewhere, I’ll be playing The Witcher 3 on Series X. I’ve already tried the new update and although the visuals don’t look Significantly Different from mine (playing in performance mode), the tweaked camera angle is a huge improvement, so I can’t wait to dig into it a bit more.

Goncalo Lopez, reviewer

It’s still at it in Front Mission 1st: Remake. It’s cool that the same tactics that were used all those years ago in the Super Famicom still work on Switch today, so whenever I’m strapped for cash to upgrade my wanzers to ultimate metal threats, I strap Gregorio into the bleakest bit available with two of chubby melee weapons and watch him dismantle opponents who have 2.50 odds. This should be illegal! On that note, France won the Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002 Shiryu Living Room World Cup 2022 on Gamecube.

The game of the week is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Sony’s PSP came late in my gameplay path, but I managed to put together an impressive collection of games. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for JRPGs, so I only played a few hours outing for this original game. I plan to make up for it and who knows, this might be my gateway to Final Fantasy VII remake. Note: Sephiroth did nothing wrong.

As always, thank you for reading! Be sure to leave us a comment below with your weekend gaming plans!

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