The three zodiac signs that feel sad about love during the new moon in Capricorn on December 23, 2022

On December 23, 2022, whether it’s the New Moon in Capricorn or the end of the year, and we’re still not sure what’s going on in our lives, this day can bring sadness to those who are on the fence about love.

New moon energy is often not what we think it is; It is dark and depressing, and sometimes this energy leads to sadness or memory overload. We’re torn during the New Moon in Capricorn. We don’t know if the future is as vivid as we imagined it only yesterday.

In terms of love, we can’t help but feel as though we haven’t done enough to make things happen. If we’re in a relationship, we may feel like we should “said that” or “did that” differently, but instead of making it good, we fall back into our woe and let the sadness take over.

It doesn’t matter if we’re in a successful relationship or if our love affair is on the rocks; Today is the day we can’t help but feel sad about love or whatever it is.

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There is one thing to pay attention to today, and that is self-pity. Really, the last thing on earth anyone wants is to be known as someone we pity.

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