INSIDE Nebraska – Omaha Westside star Gaelyn Lloyd is staying home and sticking to Nebraska

Jaylen Lloyd will stay home. Class of 2023 star within the state of Omaha Westside Stick to the Nebraska football program.

Lloyd announced his decision on Saturday afternoon, choosing the Huskers with the intention of being a dual-sport athlete in football and track. He was a 6-foot-1, 160-pound Nebraska and Texas Tech finisher in his top five with both schools offering him as a dual-sport athlete.

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The other three programs on that list (Florida, Georgia, and Illinois) offered him a track scholarship.

Lloyd had initially planned to announce his college decision a few weeks in advance, but that came to a screeching halt yet Matt Rowley Extended display of mummies.

He delayed his commitment and subsequently visited Nebraska twice in the first two weeks of December: once on Youth Day and once for a state visit over the weekend of December 9-11.

The OV weekend helped fuel Lloyd’s decision to choose the Huskers as he had to spend a lot of time with him Matt Rowley.

“I like Coach Rhule a lot,” Lloyd told Inside Nebraska. “He’s confident but not arrogant.” “Coming from the NFL, he could’ve been really overbearing, but he wasn’t at all like that. He thanked me for coming and my parents thanked him for putting up with his family. He just feels like he’s so comfortable.”

He also got a lot of time with Marcus Satterfield, Evan Cooper and safety Miles Farmer. Those meetings allowed Lloyd to gather the information he needed regarding the different roles and vision the Nebraska coaching staff had. The Huskers see Lloyd as having the ability to play on both sides of the ball, using his superior speed (10.43 seconds in the 100-meter dash and 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash) as a receiver or as a defensive back.

Overall, Lloyd came away from that visit feeling like he would be very comfortable and confident at Nebraska.

“The community is the most important thing to me,” said Lloyd. “As my mom always tells me, you don’t want to be somewhere where you’re doing good, everybody’s with you and when you do something bad, they’re against you. That’s huge for me.

“I love being somewhere that’s like family. That’s what the Omaha Central track team felt like. One big family. We still talk to each other. Even though we’re not in the same school, we still hang out with each other. That’s what it felt like.” My West Side soccer team has it, so I want to keep that going.”

Llloyd is the Huskers’ sixth in-state commitment in the class of 2023. He’s the second Westside player to commit to Nebraska in as many days when he joins K Tristan Alvano, who committed to the Huskers on Friday.

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