The three zodiac signs that refused to settle down during Venus-Uranus on December 22, 2022

Three zodiac signs refuse to settle down during Venus-Uranus transit on December 22, 2022.

Why does pride stand in the way of love or prevent a person from settling into a relationship?

Venus and Uranus are observed within the same cosmic parameters, resulting in a triple configuration. This means that they work in harmony to create a specific environment for those of us here on Good Earth.

When Venus and Uranus meet, they inspire us to “go for it.” This is when we succeed in competitive sports or arts.

This is also the perfect transit set up for us to see what is right for us in terms of love and romance so that we know how to move forward in the future.

Many of us will discover that we are either not ready to settle down or uncomfortable with it. This is a state of flow and has great potential for change. However, as it is today, the signs most susceptible to a Venus trine Uranus will find that being in a relationship, full time, with all its rules and conditions, is just too restrictive.

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Thus, we refuse to settle. It is our call to the truth. We express this as a way to save ourselves. We know that we will not be good in the relationship because we feel like it will drain us after a while. Every expectation of disaster will eventually emerge as our reality. And so, we don’t settle.

For those who desire to be in relationships, we warn them on this day that we are not the material for a long-term commitment. Honesty is the best policy here, and when we are forthright with this information, we avoid grieving the other. Good move.

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