Chris Pratt beekeeper buzzes about being stung in the eye as she replies: ‘Leave the bee saving to me’

Chris Pratt is in an unexpected online dispute with a beekeeper!

The actor took to Instagram to vent to his followers about a recent incident in which he found himself face to face with a beehive and said watching videos of beekeeper Erica Thompson handling a beehive “created this false sense of security” in him, leading him to believe he could handle a hive. Bees in his backyard by himself. He has actually taken dinosaurs and various alien species before.

“You go in front of these hives and say, ‘They’re very quiet today,'” Pratt said of Thompson. I will remove the bee. I’m going to use my bare hands.” “I said, I think I can control bees too, so I saw a beehive a couple of days ago… I just stared at those bees and then one came out, and it stung me in the eyeball.”

“So, anyway, this is Lady Bee,” concluded Pratt.

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As he tells the story, he removes his sunglasses to reveal his bulging eye. Still, he did give Thompson some props, tagging them in the comment on the post, writing “texasbeeworks you inspire me!”

While the majority of the comment section was filled with friends and fans of Pratt laughing at the actor’s unfortunate situation, Thompson herself didn’t seem to enjoy his story, essentially telling him to stick with acting and leave the bees alone.

“Wait, now you’re going to be a plumber and beekeeper @prattprattpratt?! If you leave the keeping of bees to me and other professionals, you can focus on saving Princess Mario,” Thompson wrote in the comments section.

Thompson is referring to Pratt’s latest role as the famous Italian plumber, Mario, in the new animated movie, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” The movie is based on a popular video game franchise in which Mario tries to save his love interest, Princess Peach, from the evil dinosaur, Bowser.

Pratt's next movie is

Pratt’s next movie is ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ where he will be voicing the popular video game character, Mario.
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The movie will feature fan-favorite characters from the Super Mario Bros. video game, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Penguin King. In the movie, instead of Mario trying to save Peach from Bowser, the two travel around the kingdom to find Luigi, so they can partner together to save Bowser.

Pratt is also set to star in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” the third installment of the popular Marvel series. The third film will see the return of Zoe Saldana as Gamora, and will be the last time she will appear in a Guardians movie in the role, as her character died in a previous Avengers movie.

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The new movie revolves around Pratt’s character Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians trying to turn the planet Knowhere into a safe place for aliens, but their plan is threatened when the planet comes under attack. This leads the Guardians to complete one last mission together.

Pratt recently made headlines for posting a rare photo of his son Jack, whom he shared with ex-wife Anna Faris, on his Instagram. The former couple has been private about their son, being selective about when and if they show his face to the public. He and his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, are equally private about their two children.

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Schwarzenegger and Pratt met in 2018 after he separated from Faris in 2017, and married one year later in 2019. Their two daughters were born in August 2020 and the other in May 2022, respectively.

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