Each tarot weekly horoscope for November 21-27, 2022

Here is the weekly tarot horoscope for every zodiac sign with prediction for November 21 – 27, 2022.

Your tarot horoscope has been drawn from a Rider-Waite deck; Meanings are derived by correct interpretation of pictures, numbers, symbols and words.

What seems like coincidence has absolutely nothing to do with coincidence. If a tarot card appears to you, it is best to take the meaning of the tarot as reality.

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Tarot is weird all the time. Perhaps that is why we still make tarot to this day.

This week is full of upturned cards and interesting interpretations.

We have some very powerful Major Arcana cards to help guide us through the week, and the Minor Arcana cards do their part to bring meaning as well. We will get hints throughout the week; Some bring warnings, others bring inspiration.

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We will also see a lot of positive social engagement throughout the week as many people will finally be going out and looking for parties and fun with friends and family members.

It’s that time of year, after all, and Tarot has plenty of advice and guidance for all of us.

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