Inside Hugh Jackman’s decision to return as Wolverine: ‘It’s been brewing for too long’

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds shocked comic book movie fans at the end of September when we jointly announced that Jackman’s Wolverine would be returning to the big screen in Deadpool 3. Jackman stuck his claws in 2017 with the song “Logan,” which was billed as his Wolverine Swan song and ended with the character’s death. . How Wolverine will return in ‘Deadpool 3’ remains to be seen, but Jackman and Reynolds have said diverse The plan had been brewing for a while.

According to Reynolds, he first met Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige three and a half years ago after Disney acquired Fox. The first two “Deadpool” films were released by Fox and each grossed in the $780 million range worldwide. Now that Disney owned Fox, the door was open for Deadpool to enter Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I had Kevin talk about what, if any, the future holds for Deadpool in that deal,” Reynolds said of his first meeting with Marvel after the Disney-Fox merger. “The topic was coming up at the meeting about whether we could find a way to do Deadpool and Wolverine pairing. It wasn’t possible then. Having this happen now is very exciting.”

“Deadpool 3” will be the tenth time Jackman has played with Wolverine. The two actors first met while making 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” where Reynolds was playing a different version of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Jackman, who is currently on Broadway with “The Music Man”, has begun increasing his size in order to return to Wolverine form.

“A small part of me now thinks I’d be better at it,” Jackman said of his return to his most famous role. “Is that the arrogance of age or something? Wolverine is a tormented character – more tormented than me. But I always feel like he’s comfortable in his skin. And I feel more comfortable in my own skin now, even though it’s messy.”

Jackman meant it when he repeatedly stated on Logan’s press tour that he was retiring from playing Wolverine. So what changed his mind? It turns out that “Deadpool” was shown in 2016. Jackman first saw “Deadpool” before filming “Logan”, but he had already scored the “Logan” label for the last Wolverine movie by then.

“I went to a Deadpool show,” Jackman said. “I was in 20 minutes, and I was like, ‘Oh, damn it!’ All I kept seeing in my head was 48 hours.” With Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. So it was brewing for a long time. It just took longer to get here.”

While Reynolds had been eager to bring Wolverine into the fold for more than three years (Jackman said Reynolds had been pleading with him “every day” about doing a Wolverine-Deadpool movie), Jackman didn’t finally agree to play Wolverine until August. repeatedly.

“I think, actually, he gave up,” Jackman said. “I think it was a huge shock to him. There was a big pause, and then he said, ‘I can’t believe the timing of this is.'”

Jackman called Reynolds to break the news during a late summer beach trip with his family. Reynolds happened to actually have a meeting with Marvel and Feige about “Deadpool 3.” With Jackman now joined, Reynolds and director Sean Levy have brought the news to Feige.

“Oh my gosh, I’m thrilled,” Reynolds said of Jackman’s comeback. “It’s like old house week. Being in a place with one of my best friends every day is a dream come true. But doing it with these two iconic characters side by side, it’s beyond our dreams.”

Reynolds added of Jackman, “I’ve always been amazed at the full range of his talent. He came into that scene and got into the zeitgeist as an overly masculine superhero character but also shoots in musicals portraying these fiercely vulnerable characters in all kinds of movies in all kinds of budgets for all kinds of audiences.” .

It is not clear what the new movie is about. It doesn’t have to be called “Deadpool 3.” Jackman added, “Well, not in my heart. I’m sure Wolverine wouldn’t like that nickname.”

Deadpool 3 is set to open in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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