The Sister Wives’ future is revealed on TV after Kristen, Meri, and Janelle Cody leave

The future sisters-in-law is revealed on TV after Kristen, Meri, and Janelle Brown break up with Cody.

Season 17 of the hit TLC show is coming to a close with only three episodes left – Season 18 has yet to be confirmed by the network.


A source shared a special update on the future of the sisters-in-lawCredit: Refer to the caption
Three of Cody's four wives—Merry, Janelle, and Christine—have separated from Cody


Three of Cody’s four wives—Merry, Janelle, and Christine—have separated from CodyCredit: TLC

“It’s not the end of sister-in-law. She’s not going anywhere,” a source close to the family told The US Sun EXCLUSIVELY.

The insider claimed: “They have a multi-year contract, so they’ll have to figure something out. The story isn’t over yet.”

The Season 17 premiere achieved the highest rating for a season one in six years. According to Nielsen data, the September 11 premiere episode averaged 2.2 million viewers and received a 1.42 rating among women ages 18 to 49.

In a recently released clip for the first part of the One on One special, Meri, 51, revealed that Kodi had “made the decision” to break up with her.

Janelle Brown and Cody have officially separated after 30 years of marriage
Merry and the sisters-in-law separated from Cody after Janelle left him and Christine

And in another teaser that aired Sunday night, Cody said, “I’m separated from Janelle.”

He and Kristen had previously announced their split in November 2021. Robyn, 44, is the last surviving wife.

“They are announcing the breakup to keep the story going on the show to keep people interested,” the source added.

The disturbing story will continue in another season, according to the insider.

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The insider said “Cody will find a way to continue the show. I’m not entirely sure which direction he’s going yet.”

“He’ll either have to go back into polygamy and start over and really commit himself, or he’ll put on a show about how he rebuilds his life after polygamy with his shattered family.”

‘Deep conversations’

A source previously told the US Sun that the 53-year-old patriarch of the family plans to bring in “new wives.”

“Cody is so passionate about the polygamous lifestyle that I expect him to bring more wives,” the insider said at the time.

“It’s starting to look like it could happen soon. At this time, his contract is based on living the lifestyle.”

The source added that plans for the show are “on hold”, but there is talk of “incidental results”.

The US Sun previously reported that Kristen and Janelle, for one, are “preparing toward their own show” and that it will be something like “Life After Polygamy.”

Kristen confirmed the shoot is happening when she posted to Instagram in November.

“Finally filming at my home in Salt Lake!! So excited!”

A broken family

As the family divulges the details of their strained relationships week after week, there are “new beginnings” happening in real time.

Kristen, 50, and Janelle, 53, are on a health journey together and are “building a financial empire together,” a source previously told The US Sun.

And Janelle, who is currently “figuring out” her next move, is “considering moving permanently closer to Kristen.”

Miri, on the other hand, is focusing on her LulaRoe business and planning more real-life getaways — the next event will be in February.

Wives were posting about how happy they were to focus on themselves and their children.

Meanwhile, Cody, according to the source, is having a hard time dealing with the breakup.

“It’s really painful for Cody and really sad,” an insider told The US Sun. “Right now, Cody is very angry with women and he is very hurt.”

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They added, “He’s destroying his family with his anger. He’s kind of a loose cannon at this point.”

The drama continues on Sister Wives: One on One Part 1, which airs Sunday, December 18 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Miri revealed that Cody


Merry revealed that Cody “made the decision” to break up with herCredit: TLC
The first season of Sister Wives premiered in September 2010


The first season of Sister Wives premiered in September 2010Credit: Rex
The show follows the lives of Cody, his four wives, and his 18 children


The show follows the lives of Cody, his four wives, and his 18 childrenCredit: Rex

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