Focus One UI 5.0: Turn your Samsung TV into a smart alarm clock

One of the new features that Samsung has added to the Galaxy S22 series with the recent One UI 5.0 firmware update is modes and routines. Or rather, the company added the Modes component to the existing Routines and renamed the app — formerly known as Bixby Routines — to Modes and Routines.

The new Modes component provides a high degree of automation for One UI 5.0 devices based on whether the user is working, driving, sleeping, and more. Modes can integrate with SmartThings, which means you can set your smart home – and important devices – to change behavior according to your modes in One UI 5.0.

For example, you can create a file “sleep mode” Turn your Samsung Smart TV into an alarm clock directly from your Galaxy S22. Or you can have the TV change the picture mode automatically at a specific nighttime hour. You can automate the volume level and many other settings.

Turn on your Samsung Smart TV while you wake up with One UI 5.0

First, you will have to create your own sleep mode on your Galaxy device running One UI 5.0. To do this, open a file Settings The app on your phone and access Patterns and routines. Choose “Sleeps” From “Techniques” tab, or if the option is missing, tap “add mode” and choose “Sleeps” from there.

Faucet “beginning” To start creating your own sleeping position. Use the circular clock face to mark your sleep hours. Optionally, choose your preferred alarm sound, vibrate and snooze options. Faucet “next one” When you are ready.

Personalize your own “do not disturb” Options as desired, click “next one,” And choose the settings you want to apply when you start sleep mode, like grayscaleAnd the dark modeAnd the eye protection shieldAnd the energy savingAnd the Sound mode and volume. When you’re ready, tap “He did.”

Combine modes and SmartThings scenes to turn your Samsung TV into an alarm clock

Once your sleep mode is set up, scroll down and tap “When the situation is over” In the “SmartThings Control” Team. Select your TV, and make sure that “his job” checkbox and set the desired size. When you’re ready, go back to the previous screen.

Faucet “Play scenes” and choose “Create the scene.” Click on “+” button under “Procedures” and choose “controllers” from the list of actions. Select your Samsung Smart TV to further customize its morning behavior. For example, you can change the source and image mode. When you’re done customizing these parameters, name your scene and select an icon.

Finally, tap “Being” To test the scene and make sure it works as intended. When you click on a file “Being” button, your TV should turn on with the preset settings enabled (Picture Mode, Source, Volume, etc.). If everything is to your liking, click “Memorizes.” Finally, check the box next to the scene you just named and created to associate it with your sleep mode.

to remember: With modes and routines, you can make your Samsung Smart TV and other SmartThings devices behave in different ways when different modes are active. Conversely, you can set your TV to a darker picture mode when sleep mode is automatically turned on using “When does it start?” setting (instead of “When the situation is over”) and much more.

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