Duval Thank you | by James Robinson

I run really hard because I like to make things easier on myself. I used to watch Marshawn Lynch videos when I was growing up in Rockford. When I saw him run down the hill every touch, holding four or five yards, I saw someone who was doing a job. And I remember saying to myself, Well, that’s how I want to run.

And while I’ve never compared myself to Marshawn, I hope that’s how Guggs fans saw me when I ran. Whether it was 10 yards or one yard, I hope you all saw me as someone who took his chances and ran hard with them. Someone put to work.

And since I’m in a new home now, I wanted to thank you, Duval.

I’ll be honest…when I got a call last night from my agent saying that trade for New York might happen, I wasn’t sure what I would feel. I’ve been very focused since I joined the league, just trying to stay and trying to prove myself. And sometimes you forget the business side of things. But I am grateful to Jacksonville. They gave me a chance to make this NFL dream come true.

Duval Thank you |  James Robinson |  New York Jets |  Players Tribune

All my life, I felt like I slept – this was just my journey. But it’s funny, towards the end of the draft in 2020, I kind of wished in my name no Call. Because I knew that if it didn’t happen, I would have the opportunity to help shape my situation and choose where I would go to prove myself. This is what happened. There were two options, but I went with Jacksonville because the fit stood out among the rest. I felt like Jags were open to me to earn a spot. So I went to camp and did what I do best: jogging hard. And they noticed it.

Everything since then, man, is like everything before… It wasn’t easy. We had our suffering, it was inevitable. My injury was very difficult and came at the worst of times. But even with those ordeals, I’d also look back to being a Jaguar with a lot of positive vibes.

I felt like I found different parts of my game and it showed what I was capable of. I’m proud of how I came back from my Achilles tendon. And I felt the love from Jags fans every step of the way, I really did. I heard the cheers outside the facility, and saw my name on a few T-shirts at The Bank. There are some wonderful people in Duval, and there are some wonderful people in football. Support means a lot to me. And it still is, even on my way out.

And things are looking better for Jags – the sky’s the limit for these guys. Even with these losses, there is a lot to buy. Trev, Travis…and they’ve got some boys in D…they’ll be game-changers for a long time. It’s a good culture. And I feel proud to be a part of that.

Duval Thank you |  James Robinson |  New York Jets |  Players Tribune

But I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited about coming to planes. We have a really good squad here, and they definitely put the league on high gear. I can’t wait to get out there and be a part of it – to show the fans of this city and Gates what I can do.

But before I put on the suit, I just wanted to say hello to Duval. You all believed in me first, when not many people believed. I will always remember that. Thanks for the opportunity and the love, and good luck the rest of this season (except on December 22nd).

It’s time for me to keep running hard.


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