10 Notes: Bulls defeat C with a notable comeback

You don’t see a 42-point swing in the game every night in the NBA.

It was specially composed by the 1-2 Chicago Bulls who entered play after a 32-point defeat by the Cleveland Cavaliers and on Monday hosted Eastern Conference champions Boston Celtics.

But that’s exactly what the Bulls did, turning a 19-point deficit in the first quarter into, at one turn, a 23-point lead in the second half, and ultimately an impressive 120-102 victory, taking them to 2-2 on the season.

Here are 10 notes:

1. Not many teams have a great answer for a winger couple like Celtics strikers Jason Tatum and Jaylene Brown, but the Bulls looked particularly ill-equipped early on. Patrick Williams started the match with Tatum’s guard, Ayo Dosunmo guarded Brown, but they both grilled every defender in front of them from a jump. With 15 points from Tatum (5 for 6) and 10 (4 for 8) from Brown, they captured 25 of 39 points in the first quarter for the Bostons, accumulated while making 8 of 11 3-point attempts as a team.

2. The bulls fell by as much as 19 points in the first quarter. But a rotational adjustment by Billy Donovan changed the momentum of the game. At 2:31 of the first, Donovan replaced in Goran Dragic, Alex Caruso, Lavigne and Andre Drummond to join Jafonte Green. By the end of the quarter, Boston’s lead was 39-30. After Derek Jones Jr. tapped Green to open the second, the Bulls 16-5 opened another round to claim a 46-44 lead with a 7:48 mark.

It was a departure from the Cavaliers game, when Donovan rode a set of benches to cut through the first and second quarters allowing Cleveland to build a 19-point lead that proved insurmountable. Monday’s bridge unit defended fiercely and ran hard, pushing the Celtics into their heels just minutes after their dominant appearance.

3. Jones started the season out of rotation, but earned a run to start the second quarter for the second game in a row. Donovan described Jones’ meeting minutes on Saturday as “productive,” but he will need a more extravagant adjective this time around. He put up 10 points (2 for 4, 4 for 4 off the foul streak) in his first eight minutes, blasting hard into the basket for a dive and a tie, and sprinting down the Celtics wing with his team. Activity on the defensive end.

4. It was a great night for the Bulls’ center-turn against Boston’s frontline, as Robert Williams sidelined Al Horford, Grant Williams and Noah Fonleh (who made four mistakes in five minutes of the first half) as a major force – and changed him. His guards and attackers often. The Bulls pulled 14 offensive rebounds and returned 16 second-chance points in the game, as well as a 46-34 lead by Boston in the paint.

Nikola Vucevich led the way, and established himself solidly on the inside, on a dominant 18-point double and 23 rebounds (10 offensive) double. Combined with Drummond’s 12 plates, they nearly matched the Celtics’ entire team total of 44.

5. Alex Caruso was another spark in that first-to-second quarter increase, harassing Celtics’ guards and wings, clearing the ground for loose balls and raising plenty of sprinting opportunities. He blocked two shots and made a triple pointer in that period, but his impact far exceeded the stat sheet (although his +25 in the first half plus minus in 10 minutes sums up a fair amount).

Donovan spoke before the game about keeping a close eye on Caruso’s playing time, given his reckless style of letting go and the importance of keeping him fresh for the minutes he plays. In 18 minutes in this he was exciting, collecting 7 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks with a high of +29 plus minus.

6. Dosunmu’s confidence remains great for a player with his level of experience who has been pushed into the role he currently occupies. He earned 20 game points on 8 for 9 hits, 9 of which came in a significant fashion in the third quarter as Boston ran out of inning. Not only did Dosunmu’s driving speed seem to catch Boston by surprise in a few choppy finishes, he also made all four of his 3-point attempts, raising his season streak to 9 for 18 (50 percent, in 4.5 attempts. per game, more than 2.4 last season).

7. DeRozan and LaVine were there when the Bulls needed them, although it was refreshing to see them not required to lift so hard to secure a convincing win. DeRozan scored 25 points in a 10-for-17 shot. LaVine finished poorly compared to his first appearance of the season, firing 5-for-15 overall and 2-for-10 inside the 3-point arc, but he put enough pressure on the Celtics’ defense by driving and threatening off Jump up for free chances for teammates.

8. The Bulls entered play 29th in the NBA by 3 points, having shot 27 to 92 (29.3 percent) across their first three games. Encouraged perhaps by the fast flow of the game focused on defense, they shot 10 for 21 (47.6 percent) in this game, receiving multiple triples from Dosunmo, Lavigne (3 vs 5) and Green (2 vs 2). ).

9. Williams, who played six minutes, and Kobe White, who played three, actually relegated from the spin in the first half after their first stints and once the second team started leading the unit above. Williams started the second half, and although he shot 2-7 on the night and had some tough defensive sequences on Tatum, he flashed some beautiful moments: a first-quarter chase on Brown, a solid offensive rebound and a dip. In the third quarter, to name a few.

By the end of the game, though, (15 minutes with a few omitted time marks) and White (9 minutes) scored the fewest minutes for the Bulls’ spinning players.

10. It’s hard to overstate the in-game bulls transformation in this game. After up to 19 in the first inning, they advanced by up to 23 in the fourth quarter before eventually winning by 18. The physical strength at the defensive end that they discovered late in the first quarter, and maintained throughout, was the most noteworthy. away. Between the second and fourth quarters, they outperformed the Celtics 90-63, holding 28-for-63, 10-for-37 of 3.

Next up for the Bulls: Host Indiana Pacers on Wednesday.

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