Prince William tells his friends that his relationship with Prince Harry is over

Whatever volume 2 from netflix Harry and Megan— to be shown on Thursday — Prince William sees his relationship with Harry as “over,” damaged beyond repair by Harry’s infidelity on him and his wife, a source tells The Daily Beast.

The source, who is a friend of William and Kate who was also close to Harry, said: “The relationship between the brothers is over and it doesn’t make much difference what is in the films released this week. The general feeling is that it won’t be anything they haven’t said before.”

But the source said the damage to the brotherly friendship has certainly been done, and it’s rooted in William’s utter resentment of Harry for taking the media coin.

“William will never forgive Harry for selling his and Kate’s secrets. Harry, more than anyone else, knows how much their privacy means to William and Kate because he felt the same. It was one of the things that brought them together. It just sucks.” [William] That Harry, knowing exactly how painful it would be for him, is now selling it to the media. William and Kate do not deserve this. It’s very sad.”

Feeling sad rather than angry is also a theme that emerged from Charles and Camilla’s friends. A friend of the King and Queen told The Daily Beast: “The only thing Charles can do is stay calm and carry on. The last thing he wants to do is pour fuel on the fire.”

However, sources at Buckingham Palace have made it clear that they will fight back against provable errors. This came to light last week when Palace denied that it had been offered a chance to comment on allegations made on the show, which Netflix said it was.

In this case, the palace had to retract a strong briefing issued to reporters and admit that they had been contacted by a “third party” seeking comment on the offer. While this may not have been the smartest fight to pick, it was an interesting sign that Charles isn’t ready to simply drop everything.

However, the palace remained silent as Netflix sought controversy and excitement ahead of Thursday’s landing with a glossy trailer that promised a lot but, on closer inspection, said nothing new; For example, the “them” whom Harry accused of lying to protect William while not being willing to tell the truth to protect him and Meghan seem to be referring to…the media.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince William, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrive on a long drive at Windsor Castle to view flowers and pay homage to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on September 10, 2022 in Windsor, England.

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Supporters, advisers and staff of the royal family are also likely to be emboldened by declining poll numbers for Harry and Meghan in the UK, suggesting that their decision to go public with their grievances once again has turned British public opinion against them.

The Daily Telegraph Reports indicate that Harry has seen preference drop by 13 points since November, while Meghan has seen a drop of 7 points since November. She is now the second most unpopular royal tracked by pollster YouGov, beaten in the unpopularity rankings only by Prince Andrew. One glimmer of hope for the couple is that they are more popular with young people than they are in general.

It will be interesting to discover their rank in America when similar surveys are conducted in the US.

But it’s hard to see how Harry and Meghan can maintain a narrative that they’re the good guys when they spend so much of their time bashing their families on TV.

William, now Prince of Wales, seems to have made up his mind for good — and if this week’s new episodes don’t blow any last bridges, Harry’s memoirs, additionaldue for release in January and a new revelation of family secrets, is likely to cement William’s tough stance.

Kensington Palace, the London headquarters of William and Kate’s staff, declined to comment.

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